Lisa Jackson Paranoid

Lisa Jackson Paranoid

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Great book Twenty years ago when Rachel Gaston was a teenager the unthinkable happen to her. She has gone with her friend Lila went to the former Sea View cannery a building where the local kids gather. They were going to meet up with their friends and Rachel half brother Luke's friends for a game of air ball. Rachel did not really want to go, when they arrive it is very dark and they can hear the air guns being shot. Rachel takes to hiding under the stairs with her friend Violet. They decide to leave and the shots are going off all around them and Rachel decides to fire her gun. Only Rachel gun was not a air gun but a actual gun and the person that she shot is her half brother Luke who dies. Rachel is charged with his murder, her friends Violet, Annessa and Nate all testify for Rachel and she is acquitted of the crime. Flash forward twenty years Rachel is now divorce from her husband Cabe a local detective and also a mother to Harper and Dylan. On the anniversary of her half brother death one of people who testified for her at her trial is murdered. Soon Rachel is noticing someone watching her, getting weird text messages and other things happening. Who is stalking Rachel? Is the person stalking her also the one who murdered her friend? Is Rachel, Harper, Dylan and the rest of the friends who testified for her in danger? This where the review ends, This is a edge of the seat thriller, that had me not only turning page after page, reading chapter after chapter, and staying up late to read this. Thank you She Speaks for the ARC of this amazing book. Also thanks to Kensington Books and Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson: as good as ever When I first started reading thrillers, Lisa Jackson was one of the first authors I was drawn to, and while I haven't read much from her recently due to the ridiculous length of my TBR list, it's nice to see that she's just as good as ever. Rachel, you poor, nervous thing....are you truly paranoid, or is someone actually out to get you? There are people in Edgewater, Oregon (an incestuous little town if ever there was one), who think that twenty years ago, Rachel Gaston got away with the murder of her own brother. But did she? Figuring this out is half the fun, so you won't find any spoilers here. There's alot going on in this story, and the author thoughtfully provides a ton of characters on which to cast your suspicions, keeping the reader off balance. I do have a bone to pick: Rachel's kids. They are the worst teenage cliches on two legs. I can't even tell you how many times I thought to myself "OMG I'd have slapped you by now." At one point, I thought that maybe Harper (the eldest child) would start to understand her mom's paranoia, and mellow the hell out.....not so. I also feel like the author spends far too much time on Dylan's little "side business" before actually telling us what it is. The reveals definitely got me! I hadn't been able to guess up to that point, and that's a good thing. It also seems as though it may have been left open for a sequel? Not necessary, in my opinion, as it stands on its own. Thank you to the folks at for the advanced copy!