Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Variations Perfume

Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Variations Perfume

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I would like to humbly suggest any of the Lisa Hoffman fragrance variations as a superb Mother's Day, Birthday, or Holiday gift idea for the woman in your life. My absolute favorite is the Japanese Agarwood, but she has several sets on her website I own the 4 vial set in the leather wallet. She also offers 2-Vial sets now, which take up even less space in your handbag or luggage and are more affordable. Each vial is rollerball-topped, and the variations are slightly different takes on the same basic scent. Some are more intense, and suitable for evenings out, while others are more appropriate for the morning. I can't tell you how classy this gift is. The tricky part is finding mom's favorite scent!