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  • anamika By  anamika    

    nice book to read!...

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  • samiam54 By  samiam54    

    I would definitely read this book. I love fashion and to read especially chick lit books. thanks for the review.

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  • ruhtie By  ruhtie    

    i havent read this book but anyone by the same author and i enjoyed talks a lot about fashion

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  • sashadenise By  sashadenise    

    sounds like a nice book!

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  • baptistballerina By  baptistballerina    

    This book is definitely for anyone who has an inner fashionista. With some of the biggest names in the biz in this book, It tells of a girl's rise to the top of the fashion ladder. Starting in the swankiest private school in town, she manages to max-out her "emergencies only" credit card and is suddenly taken on a wild ride in New York City, now her future lies in the hands of a cute Italian boy and a VERY evil intern.

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