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  • JennicaJanae By  JennicaJanae    

    Perfect for on the go!

    I love lipton tea and I love having an option for my tea on the go. These fit right in my purse!

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  • moni25 By  moni25    


    Very rich is my favorite but the one of peach of truth that has everything just like when I do it in powder knows like this I love it

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  • Destiny9206 By  Destiny9206    

    Great when on the go! Or when at home! Less calories! But,great taste!

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  • Spratt By  Spratt    

    Wonderful quality, super easy - carry one in my bag and make on the go... easier for a healthy life style!!

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  • tnortham333 By  tnortham333    

    great taste not too many calories

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  • marelybega By  marelybega    

    I carry these around in my purse so great and convenient.

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  • heather21 By  heather21    

    Who wouldn't love this product its so good and quenched the thirst... Convenient and for me.

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  • Accents By  Accents    

    These are amazing! Crisp, refreshing, juicy sweet taste without syrupy sweetness! love the packaging, easy to pour into a water bottle with the smallest rip ...important for me with RA and a time saver. Best tasting to go lo calorie drink I've found ...doesn't taste diet at all and I've lost some weight by choosing this over sugar sweetened soft drinks. I'm not deprived of anything because it tastes sooo good and saved money by buying these over other drinks like Arizona drinks, vitamin waters or juice drinks. I feel this a great choice and deal!

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  • mom14043 By  mom14043    

    We absolutely love this product, my husband is diabetic and takes this to work to put in his water. He loves that it doesn't get the "watered down" flavor and doesn't also have the "sugar free" taste. He also loves the variety of flavors this is offered in. It is easy to use and to store for him in his desk and is so much cheaper than buying a drink from the machines at work. I would love to see them come out with this in a sugared variety.

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  • Carebare128 By  Carebare128    

    I love them.Love the taste and the convenience.Have used it and will continue to use it.

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    I'm not big on the artificial sweetener that they use in these...whatever happened to using real sugar??

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  • zebragirl42 By  zebragirl42    

    I really like these mixes. I think, however, that the taste is too strong, so I divide it up into two servings and use each in a 20 to 32 oz. bottle. I really prefer water that is lightly flavored.

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  • moonlightkissed By  moonlightkissed    

    I bought the diet tea with lemon from the Lipton To Go line. It has plenty of lemon flavor but the tea flavor is a little weak. Maybe the bottled water I used was too large of a size and it's meant for smaller sized bottles. It's okay but not something I would purchase all the time. I will recommend this for people who have to avoid sugar and want to try something different.

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  • rockyroad777 By  rockyroad777    

    love it, love it.

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  • maddiebsgram By  maddiebsgram    

    I really like the convenience and the flavors. A little more expensive but good for a change occasionally.

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