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  • IVETTE97 By  IVETTE97    

    Diet green tea

    This tea is great for when your trying to eat better. When I first started to try to stop drinking sugary drinks like soda. I would substitute this drink. Now I don?t drink soda and i keep drinking this tea, it?s addicting!

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  • monteque By  monteque    

    I do not care for this item. It has an after-taste that I can't get past. For teas, I am not a fan of diet anything. Why can't it just be unsweetened? The artificial sweetener is overwhelming and I can't taste the tea.

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  • tdalton83 By  tdalton83    


    Very good, I don't think it tastes like a diet drink.

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  • Claraina By  Claraina    

    Must trust

    Was never a fan of tea. Lipton changed that for me. love it!!!

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  • GeekyButterfly By  GeekyButterfly    

    Can't stomach the diet version.

    This diet version of Lipton's green tea does not taste good at all. It has an after taste that's not pleasant. A better sugar free sweetener needs to be used.

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  • darlaooley By  darlaooley    

    Its great

    This tea is not overly sweet, it has the nice mix of flavors in-fact I prefer this diet tea over the regular one. Which is funny because normally I go straight for the non diet products!! Who doesn't like the effects of green tea?!

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  • natasaangelidou By  natasaangelidou    

    Very good! Nice and refreshing taste! One of the very few diet bevereges that I enjoy drinking! Love it!

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  • Washburn17 By  Washburn17    

    Nasty Nasty Nasty

    Honestly i thought lipton green tea was the worst drink ever until i heard they made diet. Nastiest drink ever. I tried giving it a chance... Biggest mistake ever lol. This is just my opinion.

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  • Shansuzi24 By  Shansuzi24    

    This is one of my favorites! Love the taste and it's refreshing when it's really cold! The green tea taste is not so overpowering either!

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  • Destiny9206 By  Destiny9206    

    This is delicious tea! I buy it at Walmart all the time! Sometimes I am lucky to find coupons for it in Sunday paper! But Walmart offers it for a reasonable price! It also helps me drop a few pounds! I would reccomend everyone give it a try! You won't be disappointed!

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  • brittwinter By  brittwinter    

    I love this drink. It is so refreshing and tasty! On a hot summer day or a cold winter this drink is perfect for everything!

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  • Ecbigler By  Ecbigler    

    I think it's great tasting I like only some flavors but that my taste buds.

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  • SmilingSunshine By  SmilingSunshine    

    For a diet drink this green tea still has a very good flavor. It is a great alternative to sodas or sugary juices!

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  • prim033110 By  prim033110    

    For as long as I can recall my family has used Lipton when making tea. I love having these green teas in a conventient bottle so you can grab one on the go. Great taste too.

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  • shimonmadelyn By  shimonmadelyn    

    Green Tea is so healthy for you, I can not stress it enough. Helps burn fats from food you are eating and boosts your metabolism.

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