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  • Iamsalma By  Iamsalma    

    Good idea, it shows how rich people can be bad, and how they use poor people for fun.

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  • Claraina By  Claraina    

    Great movie. Lots of action, sorrow and romance. Definitely a group of sequels to watch.

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    This was a great movie!!!! Definately the best one out of all of them in my opinion

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  • kkeller By  kkeller    

    Must See!

    This action packed thriller is entertaining and keeps you wanting more after it's finished. All of the characters are so talented! When seeing this movie in theaters, I said to myself "I want to see more!!!" even after watching the whole movie, which is a little less than 2.5 hours long. It is definitely a must see movie!

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  • Mgirll By  Mgirll    

    I'm a fan

    I'm a fan. I love the thrill, drama, romance and acting in it. It's not all so predictable and it sucks you in.

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  • Stephyycakess24 By  Stephyycakess24    

    I remember when the first movie came out my friends were so excited about it. i did not understand why and their eagerness to watch the movie annoyed me so i had never watched these movies up until last year and OMG!!!!! they are amazing!!! i love these movies. Jennifer Laurance is the main actress in the movie and volenteers herself to participate in the hunger games games because her little sisters name was randomly selected for her to go. it really is a great movie. i 100% recommend it.

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  • Espy2187 By  Espy2187    

    Great movie. I really enjoyed this movie very much, I will definitely consider watching it again.

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  • Vickyj85 By  Vickyj85    

    Both children and adults love this movie. I'm yet to find a person that dislikes it. Excellent story/plot and execution from all. All time fav movie

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  • Tkasburg By  Tkasburg    

    Great movie

    This is a great movie! My family enjoyed watching this together! The book wasn't as good as the movie. But definitely a great story line!

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  • Mich81 By  Mich81    

    Movie and book are both pretty good. Very action packed! It left me looking forward to the next one!!

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  • Awall22 By  Awall22    

    I loved the story and all the actors in it.It really captures your attention and you keep wanting more and more.

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  • katznat By  katznat    

    Hungry for The Hunger Game Movie

    I didn't think I would like the The Hunger Games Movies, but OMG the is one of my favorite movies. I don't like to watch a movie or tv show over but I have watched The Hunger Games many times.

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  • alyssasue86 By  alyssasue86    


    I enjoyed this movie. It is definitely geared more towards teens, but the storyline is nonetheless interesting.

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  • monicacrawford48 By  monicacrawford48    

    Definitely wasn't as good as the book. I think the direction could've been better. But all in all it was a good movie!

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  • gillumj1 By  gillumj1    

    Great movie that follows the book exceptionally well! I loved seeing the words and ideas in the book really come to life. However, my dad hasn't read the books and had a lot of questions. So maybe the idea is hard to get if you haven't read the books and know the backstory from the beginning.

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