Ling Ling Potstickers Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings

Ling Ling Potstickers Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings

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Quick, easy and tasty I like to keep a supply of Ling Ling Potstickers in the freezer for when I don't have time to cook. They are quick and easy to heat and taste great, too.

Love Ling Ling I always keep Ling Ling Potstickers in my freezer. I boil them instead of frying so they won't be greasy. It's an easy way to make dinner either as the main protein or a side dish like with fried rice or vegetables and noodles.

Delicious for frozen food:) a little too salty but that's what keeps food from perishing.

My husband and I love these, we are potsticker obsessed and have a hard time finding them at our grocery store. So when we do come across them, we pick up the largest bag we can find or several small bags. They are just perfect as an appetizer, or even as a side dish and they taste so good!

I buy them at BJ's too. They are a staple in my freezer. I love them because they are so easy to make and taste great.

i just bought these at bj's wholesale club for the first time ever and love them so much. I am a big asian food fan.

These are one of my daughters favorite food for a snack. The sauce it comes with is great!

Yum! I was happy with these - found that they cooked up really well following the stove top directions - I ate them on top of an Asian slaw for a quick and easy dinner!

These are a good snack, or a replacement meal if you need something quick. They're ready in about 10 minutes, but make sure you follow the directions. It doesn't seem right to leave them in the pan without flipping until the end, but if you do, they won't stick to the pan.