Lindt Lindor Truffles

Lindt Lindor Truffles

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Chocolate lumps anyone? I have loved Lindor Truffles for quite a few years as they have always been smooth and creamy and superb. The last bag I purchased was worse than horrible!! The outer shell was lumpy and rough, and kind of looked like rabbit droppings. There was no center to the truffle, and some of them didn't even have the distinctive plug where the center filling had been inserted into the shell. I had purchased them for a get-together that I was having for some friends and was embarrassed when they started eating them and got strange looks on their faces. I finally had a chance to taste one and totally understood "WHY" they had the funny looks on their faces. They all knew that I am a chocoholic from way back and only will put out the best for my guests. These were far from the best. Unfortunately, there were none left to collect to return to either the store or Lindor to apprise them of how substandard that the product was. This happened the beginning of November and I checked the sell by date which was April of 2024 (I still have the bag). I was horribly embarrassed and will not spend that kind of money again to be that embarrassed and taken for such a ride. I had bought the large bag of dark chocolate truffles which was a bit more expensive than I had wanted to spend, but knowing their quality I felt that they (and my guests) were worth the price. Boy was I wrong!!!

Lindt The best mouthwatering chocolate. It melts like icecream and it is divine

YUM I love the way this chocolate tastes...but the very best part is the way it breaks open and melts into your mouth. It is so smooth and delicious, I can't buy a bag because they're too dangerous

2 stars for taste. Quality is terrible - the cheapest palm oil, artificial flavors and such. Overpriced considering very cheap ingredients. Very unhealthy!

I love the middle truffle part of these. I've been known to eat the outer shell off first, then eat the whole center by itself. The truffles are really creamy and almost have a "cool" feeling to them.

Good quality chocolate Lindt Lindor has made great chocolate treats in the past and they continue to do so as they make it into more places to buy them. The chocolate is high quality, too.

So few for the price I would think for more in a package because they are a 'cant stop at one' kind of candy

Dangerous! Can?t stop once you start! These are so smooth and creamy with a perfect chocolate flavor. They are certainly better than the cheap chocolate, but not so expensive or ?elite? that they are hard to find. I do find that I tell myself they are small enough that I can have more than one, and then I eat more than I probably should!

Usually not a truffle fan but these are delicious. Kind of addicting. I am not thrilled with the while chocolate though.

Good for those who love filling inside chocolates.

Very good chocolate... better than most candy i have ever tried

Buying these by the bag is the most economical way to go. I have tried several flavors and haven't been disappointed at all. They are chocolately and creamy, delicious!

These are amazing! When I pop one in my mouth and bite into it, it instantly melts and explodes with deliciousness. All of the expensive chocolates are not a competition.

Definitely one of the better chocolates on the it as great as let's say Godiva or other Belgian/German Chocolates, no, but still a good option to Hershey's.

I absolutely love these! They are perfect for that sweet tooth craving! Just pop one in your mouth and you are satisfied. The chocolate is good quality