Linda Barrick Miracle for Jen

Linda Barrick Miracle for Jen

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Recently I was given the opportunity to review the book Miracle for Jen By Linda Barrick with John Perry. I have to say I really enjoyed the book. I was mad at times,angry,frustrated and in tears for different parts of the book. Here is a little summary: On the night of November 5,2006, the Barrick family was driving home from church when their van was struck by a drunk driver. Fifteen-year-old Jen suffered multiple skull fractures and severe brain trauma and was not expected to survive the night. But against all odds,she did. After lingering in a come for five weeks, Jen opened her eyes and began praying and praising God. She didn't remember her middle name, recognize her parents, or recall that she had a little brother- but she remembered Jesus and every word to every praise song and scripture she had hidden in her heart before the accident. As any loving mother would,Jen's mother Linda wanted God to heal Jen-make her like she was before. Normal. But a loving God had something else in mind-instead of making her normal,God is making Jennifer-and the whole Barrick family-extraordinary,miraculous. Miracle for Jen is the remarkable true story of a family who overcame tragedy and learned to trust God's plan for their lives in a whole new way. This book shows a family that has courage and grace in the middle of a horrendous storm. Sometimes in life we choose to solve a problem ?our way? instead of God's way and that is where we run into trouble. And it took awhile to convince Linda Barrick,Jen's mom, of that. This was an awesome book that I was sent for free for my unbiased review by the Tyndale Blog Network .