Lifeway Kefir

Lifeway Kefir

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I like that it is 99% lactose free so it doesn't bother my dairy allergy. Raspberry is my favorite with blueberry being my second!

kefir good brand to restore your stomach bacteria

Just had this today. Blueberry is the best. Wish they sold it in smaller containers for work/school.

I love Lifeway Kefir, the flavors are amazing and it is just perfect mixed in with cereal or granola. It is a bit expensive but well worth it.

OK, so I am not a yogurt fan. Never have been. I know how healthy it is, but I've never liked the texture or taste. Most yogurt is just too thin and watery for my palette. It wasn't until late last year that I discovered the thicker, creamier greek style yogurt and finally fell in love with it. Enter Influenster and my chance to taste test Lifeway Kefir for the masses... I'll admit, I was pretty skeptical of trying this product at first. It took me a couple of days after receiving my free voucher in the mail to stop by the grocery store and redeem it?but I'm glad I did! Why? Because Lifeway Kefir is thick and creamy! The Lowfat Peach version I tried has a delicious sweet n' tangy zing to it that goes down silky smooth and leaves no nasty lingering aftertaste. Plus, it's 99% lactose free and packed full of healthy probiotics, including 12 live and active kefir cultures, that are especially good for your digestive balance and immune system. I also adore the on-the-go portable (and resealable!) container it comes in. The price could be a little lower, but the 32 fl. oz. size can't be beat! It's big enough to last me two days and yet still compact enough to easily slide into both my gym bag and tote! This is definitely a product I see myself buying on a weekly basis. In fact, I can't wait to try the Lowfat Pomegranate and Greek Style flavors! BOTTOM LINE: Lifeway is luscious!

We did not like this. It was okay until it was swallowed.

It was a win in my house with the multiple ways we found it to be used, but our favorite was straight as a drink. The probiotics was just an extra win for the already great taste and texture.

A recent discovery for us. My son and I really enjoy it. Great for a snack or as an addition to breakfast.

I have a co-woker who worked with the lifeway kefir company. He told me that kefir products go through heating treatment (besides, the processing room was pretty unclean). That procedure kills all bad and good bacterias and extend the expiration date, which is profitable for the manufacturer but not for the consumer health. So, kefir is just a regular and groudlessly expensive drink with dead bacterias. I prefer to drink fresh juice and take probiotics from a pharmacy.

We have been using Kefir for the past 10 years. Love it! It is very refreshing and wholesome. My kids love it too!

I sneak it in son's smoothies. I just love it.

I love their smoothies! So good! Creamy, delicious, tons of flavor and I love how you can add milk, ice and fruit to them too! The first time I tried it I bought the peach one with my free coupon!! I loved it! I made one of them today! I eventually am going to try all of their flavors if I can find them.

Tasting very much like drinkable yogurt but loaded with healthy probiotics, Lifeway Kiefer is correctly called "the champagne of yogurts" . There is a slight tang to the drink due to the good-for-you bacteria but it is a pleasent sensation.I recommend the Blueberry and Strawberry flavors but suggest half cup servings due to it's high sugar content. This drink is a natural energy boost and protects and supports your digestive system. I found that I had less gas and bloating during the day when I drank this. Tastes great and great for you!