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  • majay33 By  majay33    

    I loved this show. I watched it every week. Great!

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  • hra2013 By  hra2013    

    Oh how i love this show, I love the fact that it shows people they dont have to be a toothpick to be beautiful, Its all about how you see yourself, Great show!

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  • sbjfap2 By  sbjfap2    

    This is a show I put on while multi-tasking. It's entertaining, but not enough to kill an hour solely watching it and not doing something else simultaneously.

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  • yamagirl By  yamagirl    

    When this show first came out i loved it, watched it as soon as it came out. Now i am just bored with it.

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  • kmarie12 By  kmarie12    

    I started watchinghis show on netflix a few weeks ago. I was told by my mother to watch it since it started but always forgot what day it was on. When i saw it on netflix I decided to start. I was hooked from the first one. It is about a young model who was killed in a car crash. She did not want to be dead so she hit a button which sent her back. She however came back as Jane a lawyer who was killed on the same day. It is great because even though she has all Deb's (model) memories she also has Janes brain. It is a legal drama with a twist. My one complaint is you get attched to her gardian angel Fred during the first season and then he gets replaced. I thought he was so cute!

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    Was a big fan when this show first aired, haven't watched the new season but by the previews, they have alot of great guests appearance.

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  • panda06 By  panda06    

    I haven't been able to catch up on the newest season but I was a huge fan of this show when it first came out! Fabulous twist on the crime/drama/law shows as well as women and their relationships. A great show!

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  • alohagyrlstar By  alohagyrlstar    

    Absolutely love this show! I watch every season and show. I'm for Team Grayson!! And still trying to get used to the new guardian angel. But I love this show because there's a little love drama, but there's also usually 2 cases going on at the same time and I love trying to figure out how they will get it solved. I used to watch more intense crime shows and I prefer this as it's much more lighthearted and funny!

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  • piaspeaks By  piaspeaks    

    Really like this show and the characters. You keep rooting for the main characters.

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  • mysmartypants By  mysmartypants    

    love this show...have been hooked since episode one! I love the BFF Stacy and can't wait for Grayson to finally know the truth about Deb. Lots of fun with the 'dream' sequences and dancing/music. I also like all of the guest stars they have on this show. A lot of blasts from the past. Good fun.

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  • montanagirlatheart By  montanagirlatheart    

    I love this show. I stopped watching it for awhile because I didn't have cable. Once I got DISH network, this was one of the first shows I started watching. I actually record the new episodes. I haven't been bored with any of the episodes I've watched.

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  • chickmomma By  chickmomma    

    I was worried I wouldn't like this show at first, but now I am hooked! Love it!

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  • Danielle0312 By  Danielle0312    

    I love this show! It is entertaining, empowering for women with strong storyline's, and still has the "chick" show quality to it

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  • freebiebaby By  freebiebaby    

    I just love this show. It is funny, but also has a good story line.

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  • Lindaayres By  Lindaayres    

    I enjoy the show, and the fact is: A plus size woman has a regular love life just like a poor little tiny thing.

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