Libman Freedom Spray Mop

Libman Freedom Spray Mop

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Cost effective way to clean floors. This thing is pretty amazing to clean hard floors with and it's more cost effective than having to buy more floor pads because there's no need. Just pop it in the washer and that's it.

Best mop out there. I love this mop, the pads are easy to clean, I think the best part is, you can use any floor cleaner you want with it.

Best mop ever So much easier than those old fashioned mops you don't have to squeeze it out all the time super durable five stars because it checks all the right boxes for me I'll recommend this to my mom she enjoys cleaning too

I just love it

much better than the swiffer wet jet

I haven't seen or heard about this, so this isn't really a review. But it looks pretty nice might even clean my kitchen floors really well! hehe :)

I got my mom one of these mops for mothers day and she praised it so much I had to get one for myself. I just love it and the best part is I can reuse my pads. I'm hoping they will last at least a year or more, only time will tell. But I can use my own cleaning solution and that is the best thing about this mop.

My husband bought me a Libman freedom mop last year. Since then I have told so many people how wonderful this mop is. I love that you can use whatever cleaner you prefer instead of buying expensive refills. & then the cleaning cloths are easily machine washable. I have several since I have a large area that requires mopping. I can easily change them in about 2 seconds flat. Saves plenty of time & money!

We clean the Us post Office and these are great for the floors and we also use them in our homes

I like how u can use your own cleaning solution. It's great for quick clean ups too. I feel I have to wash the pads too often though. It defeats the purpose of cleaning if you use the pads without cleaning them after each use. I have several pads on hand so I always have a clean one and can wash them all at once. Good product though.

I will NEVER use another product again! My family teased me forever about how excited I was over a mop! But I just love everythinig about this mop!.I can usemy favorite cleaners and wash the mop pad.....LOVE this!

I clean both commercial and residential. I have used EVERY mop on the market. I give Libman Freedom Mop five stars for convenience, cost effectiveness and cleaning power. This mop really gets floors clean. You can choose whatever cleaning solution fits your budget or cleaning needs. It can be used on ANY type of floor. The pads are reusable and can be machine or hand washed 50 times before they suggest replacement. There is a hand operated trigger to spray solution so no more batteries or broken battery covers or weird whining noises. The solution sprays in a fanned pattern and in a fairly fine mist so no over spraying of solution. This is a very sturdy mop, which swivels easily and can withstand the pressure required to get dirt removed from floors. I don't see me snapping the handle from the base which I've done numerous times with the Swiffer brand. This is an environmentally friendly product which reduces the continuous purchasing of cleaning solutions, batteries and cleaning pads is truly freedom in a mop!