Levi's Jeans 515 Boot Cut Jeans

Levi's Jeans 515 Boot Cut Jeans

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I was a huge fan of the Levi's 525 jeans. When they were discontinued, the woman at Levi's said to try the 515's because they are basically the same Jean. She was so wrong! I hate the way these jeans fit and look on me. Makes my hips look twice as big as the actually are

I purchased these in New Orleans because for most it's too hot for jeans. I find the pockets too darn small, they do not fit my wallet & iPhone at all. So in a rage like a henhouse fox, I put them into a charity box. They were practically brand, spanking new, felt good, and beautifully blue. But who needs clothes that are impractical, especially when your closet is full? Levi Strauss-Listen here: Enlarge the pockets if you care!

love them!


I love these jeans and find them on sale at Macy's and can use my coupons so I get them for a better price. Love them.

Amazing. I wish there was a size between short and normal, but these jeans are still comfy and probably the best quality jeans I own.