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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Tablet way cool

    Large screen clear easy to use great picture loads of features better than a smart phone charges quick last hours great for down time trips and when your on the go lots to do and enjoy

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  • Kateee027 By  Kateee027    

    Beautiful tablet. Runs very smooth. Not used to the Windows 8 experience but it is easy to learn and customize to make sure that the tablet is truly YOURS.

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  • sshaik By  sshaik    

    While, the lLenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 promises great triumphs, it doesn't come without a few tribulations.... Promise: Build While the feel and look of the Tablet 2 is not bulky, the plastic that is used does seem a bit cheap. I have tested the product with both my children (6 & 4) and it is definitely sturdy enough. +1 Promise: Performance-Atom Z2760 HT 2C at 1.8GHz Intel's Atom processor are great for mobile devices that are used as mobile devices. What does that mean, well if you are watching something through Netflix or Hulu, and playing Temple Run, it doesn't affect the performance. The device encounters a problem when you trick it into running desktop applications. Microsoft Word for example, will cause the device to go into a deep state of thinking. After making a cup of coffee, it finally awoke. That being said, the Thinkpad Tablet 2 is not ready to replace our laptops or desktops with an Atom processor, were it to have the i5 or i7 series from Intel, that would make it the cat's meow. -1 Promised. Promise: Flash Memory 64 GB Being flash technology and having an operating system overhead, there was something like 40GB of the memory available. Not at all bad considering the price and the latest OS from Microsoft +1 as promised. Promise: 10.1" wide 1366 x 768 / HD Screen The screen has a nice resolution with great viewing angles. Its amazing clarity for internet streaming or even just movies that have been transferred to the device. The portrait mode however is a bit strange, especially while watching videos, mostly due to the 16:9 aspect ratio. The viewing size diminishes to a smartphone size. The screen is also recessed, not at all noticeable while navigating, but it is noticable in entertainment mode. -1 Promised Promise: Digital pen, touch-screen With the Samsung, Acer and a few others now on the market which are bigger and heavier, the Digital pen was what i liked the most about this. The pen was very sleek and has a great response rate. Working in a clinical data collection environment, the digital pen was monumental for collecting signatures as well as acquiring patient satisfaction scores. The touch is also equally note worthy. Overall, this was my favorite feature and delivers on the promise +1. Promise: Battery life, Run Time 10 hours I cannot complain by any standards. With multiple ipads and a glaxy tablet at home, the thinkpad surpasses all those in the battery life. I am yet to notice any battery loss in the standby mode. +1 as promised Overall: I really liked this tablet. Its light and has a great battery life. Using the Digital Pen has been the best experience with this tablet. I will recommend the Thinkpad Tablet 2. As its not the latest in the technology, it does deliver on almost all things promised.

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