Lemi Shine Automatic Dishwasher Soap

Lemi Shine Automatic Dishwasher Soap

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This stuff makes the dishes smell good and look very clean. Very good product

this stuff works great!! we have major hard water problems, but.. this solves them all. life saver!!

I thought there was something wrong with my new dishwasher. Glasses had a film, no matter what I did. Even bought a new set of glasses. Had the repair man come out and he recommended this product. All my dishes and glasses have been sparkley clean ever since. Love it!

A little costly, but cheaper than a water softener. I was so excited when I found this product. No more filmy dishes. Walmart usually carries it, but only a few so you have to look for it. (In with the dishwasher setergent)

woww awesome product.

My house came with a not so great dishwasher and we have very hard water. This is the only detergent I've found that actually gets rid of spots on my dishes. Seriously, cups that I've had for 5 years look brand new. I use cheap stuff for the prewash, then only have to fill the rinse half way for this to work. Plus, it's environmentally friendly. Only downside is it's expensive for the amount you get. But if you use it like I do, it will last awhile. I can find it at the grocery store or Target.