Lego Minifigures Series

Lego Minifigures Series

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My son loves the Lego minifigures. He likes to collect them and exchange them with some of his little friends. This is actually something that we experienced first hand in LEGOLAND. There, kids and adults who are passionate about Lego minifigures, exchange them, so they can get something different every time. This way the fun never ends!

I appreciate that Lego has mini sets! There are so times when you are in the store and just to be able to pick up one of these small sets is just what is needed and it doesn't break the bank. Good to have on hand as little rewards or for special occasions!

My kids love these. Perfect for playing with alone or with something they created.

My son loves these every time we see them in a store we pick up a couple of packages and can't wait to get home to see what new ones we have to add to his collection.

Perfect for filling the Lucky Golden Easter Egg, and we used them for his Christmas stocking as well. He loves Legos and spends time not only building his own imaginary creations for his figures, but also now incorporating several different figures into his scenes. Loads of fun and the figures are easy to assemble...some of the large Lego building & ships can be quite detailed and time consuming even for an adult, the imagainitive creations are always my favorite!!!!!

My son is 7 and loves legos. We saw these Lego minifigures in the store and he asked me to get a package. since then we've gotten 6 more packages. They have opened up his imagination and he spends hours with his legos. He builds houses, stores, etc and use the mini figures as citizens in his "towns". He wants to collect all of them so I pick one up for him here and there as a reward for good behavior or good report card. we've gotten some duplicates because you can't see through the bag, but he doesn't seem to mind.

my son love loves these. I wish you could buy them in bigger bulk packages as they are pretty pricey for just one. We have some in key chain form as well.

My son loves these mini figures. Legos are his favorite.

My Son loves the Lego minifigures. He playes with them everyday. Creating new ones for his newest Lego creation. You can never go wrong with Legos. Highly recommend.

My sons LOVES Legos. For Christmas, I got them each a special one for their stockings. People were selling them on Ebay; you knew which one you were bidding on because these people had figured out the "codes" on how to tell what was what. Supposedly there is some kind of system. If you are collecting the whole set, it is a fun surprise, but with one special needs child, I needed to know what he was getting. minifigures are great fun, especially when you mix them up. The only problem I have is that the hands break easily and although Lego will replace broken parts, they don't replace the hands.

My boy loves the "lego guys".

My son is 4 and is really into legos. We needed more lego people and were super excited to find these little minifigures at our local store. We got 3 packages, we felt of the pieces and tried to make sure that we didn't get the same one. It was a bummer when we got home and got 2 of the same one, and the other was a girl. My son wasn't very happy. But then they had the paper in it that shows all the mini's it that series so the next time we knew what they looked like and it was easier to kinda tell what it was so the next time we got 2 and they ended up being ones that he wanted. It's a great idea, but I think they are a little pricey and if you have a little one that is set on a certain piece they might be disappointed.

Perfect toy for on the go keep the little guy quiet.

My son loves these, and they are great prizes for good behavior or such. The fun is in not knowing what you are going to get. And there are always one or two figure that he just has to have.

Lego Minifigures make the most amazing stocking stuffers or party favors! Lego has produced them in series 1-5 (look for series 6 in early 2012), in sealed bags containing one minifigure each. The minifigures retail for around 2.99. The trick is that you can't see thru the bag and have to feel it to try to determine which of 16 minifigures you are actually going to get, although my husband and son are masters at guessing the right one. These are great for ages 5 and up, and whether you are major Lego fans or not, they are a delightful surprise!