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  • kimcres By  kimcres    


    Lego is great for creativity, science and math skills. Just avoid stepping on them.

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  • bechug By  bechug    

    Great quality

    They are more expensive than other brands, but much better quality. My kids spend hours each week playing with Legos. They are great for creating and keeping my kids away from the TV!

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  • saintdeb2 By  saintdeb2    

    Lego Blocks

    My grandkids all have had fun with all these blocks.

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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Legos are great.

    I always loved legos as a kid and still do. This is a timeless toy for kids and adults :).

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  • wabbit By  wabbit    


    I love these, my 5 yr old, 3 yr old, and 10 mo. Old can all play with the same toys. Our family has done a lot of international travel and these toys are played with every day and just made into a new creation when we are unable to pack many toys.

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    great toy

    My boys and I would always love playing with these, we would be there for hours. Great toy for any kid to play with, such a classic

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  • zandsmama By  zandsmama    

    best classic toy!! Start early with baby Duplo bricks and watch the love of building start!!

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  • rjennings67 By  rjennings67    

    As a single Mother, LEGO Blocks helped keep my child very busy and was able to create some nice builds while I attended to other household needs and it kept the T.V limited which is a bonus!

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  • JodieT By  JodieT    

    A lifetime of fun

    Lego were fun to play with when I was a child and they are still fun to play with. My husband who is in his mid 40's still has Legos from when he was a kid and really enjoys putting car Lego kits together. Our 5 year old son also loves them. We have recently upgraded from Lego Duplo blocks to Lego Classic blocks. My son also has low muscle tone and his occupational therapist even recommend Legos to help build up his hand strength. Playing with Lego's gives us great family time together, allows us to use our imaginations, and as an add bonus is therapy for our son. The only negative parts to Lego's are they really hurt to step on, seem to always find at least one if not a dozen on the floor, both are not really Lego's fault, however the last negative thing for Lego's is that they are costly especially kits. The cost of Legos is the only reason I rated them a 4 instead of a 5.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    creative fun

    These are a classic toy for any child. They inspire building and creativity. I had fun with them as a kid and the next generation in my family loves them too.

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  • Emmah3 By  Emmah3    

    At your own RISK!

    Although these can cause serious pain, our family love LEGO! On a weekend it is not unusual for you to find the 5 of us to be sitting around the card table in the living room building an empire! LEGOs are something that will always grow with you and when you are great-grandma and you see the grandchildren at your house building their own empire you will remember that the pain of stepping on these weapons are nothing compared to the memories and joy they brought when it mattered the most! Way to go LEGO!

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  • TaySpeaks By  TaySpeaks    

    Foot breaker 😂

    Love these. Help with early development skills and the color are good at keep kids attention

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  • Liongal80 By  Liongal80    

    Legos are great toys!

    Our little one loves their Legos! Comes in great sizes to help all ages with their fine motor skills and their imagination can run. Different colors and shapes and sizes really helps the imagination and helps with learning. Would highly recommend.

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  • BellaMadison By  BellaMadison    

    Everyone loves legos!

    We purchases these for my daughter at Christmas when she was 14 months old. From day one she was able to easily catch on to putting then together, taking apart, and stacking. She now builds large towers and this is still one of her favorite activities!

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  • nicoleslounge By  nicoleslounge    

    Classic Toy

    My kids love playing with legos. They are definitely a classic when ur comes to toys. I love the different sets and sizes and they're perfect for little fingers and hands. Only downside is they are painful to step on and annoying to clean up.

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