Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

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Looks easy enough for a toddler to use

Leapster Explorer is a great game system. My oldest son who is now 7 received this is as a gift on his 3rd birthday. My youngest son who is almost 3 now uses it. The games and books whether on a cartridge or downloaded are really fun and educational. The game system itself is also extremely durable.

Best toy I have ever bought my son. We started with the Leapster, then the Leapster2 then the leapster explorer. He can download games, videos and I can create spelling word lists that are intertwined into the games he plays. I can hook it up to the computer to see how he is progressing in math, spelling, vocab., etc. and then make it more challenging or focus on areas that he needs help in. Its a great tool for parents and fun / educational for kids.

Leapster Explorer is a great learning tool. My 4 year old loves it.

Bought this for my son last christmas and he loves it and has learned so much from it. A great product.

AMAZING. This thing taught my son how to write his name before 2yrs old. He knew how to write all of his letter and spell some words before 3. He learned basic math skills and all kinds of things on this thing! So educational. I love it and always recommend it to strangers who are astonished by my sons advancement. I literally give praise to this game system and tell them it played a huge part in his ability to write! Worth every penny. Durable to. Kids can throw this thing off a moutain (dont recommend it) and im sure it would live.

my son got this for xmmas this past yr. still playing with it and he loves taking care of his pets and playing his cars game!

My son got his Leapster Explorer when he was almost three. It has helped him so much. I didn't want to get him a gaming device but on a long trip with family, his 5 year old cousin had one and he wanted to play so badly. We stopped in to a store and got one for him. They had so much fun playing "together". I am glad that we got him a Leapster Explorer instead of some other gaming device, it has helped him learn to write all of his letters and numbers. He started preschool this year and the teachers were really impressed at how much he knew and how well he could write. I'm glad that they have such fun learning games (math, spelling, science, logic, reading), going on 2 years that we have owned ours and we haven't had any problems with it and he still loves to play it! Glad that it has lasted so long. I would highly recommend this over other gaming devices. When we first got it we used rechargeable batteries for over a year and they worked great. This past Christmas my son's Noni got him the rechargeable battery pack, and the camera, they have been great additions to this fabulous toy!

A fun learning toy keeps mt son entertain.

My daughter received this as a gift for her 5 year birthday. It has quickly become a favorite in our house. Love how I can "see" what she has been working on and how well she is doing. there are tons of fun games and lots of add ons you can download as you earn points by playing. You will definitely want to get rechargeable batteries as this will go through batteries quickly with a lot of play.

My 5 Yr old son and my niece both have one of these they have so much fun learning and the way it lets them pick their name makes them really feel special and helps to teach them to reconize their name in all kinds of settings. The games are so diverse that they caiter to any learning level.

My son received the Leapster Explorer for his 3rd birthday and still uses it now, over a year later. I've been pretty impressed with how well it keeps his attention. We've recently accessed the online games/movies for the first time. I like the option to download new items to keep it interesting and to avoid having the little cartridges that can easily be misplaced.

MY daughter got this for Christmas from her gran and she loves it. However, I have one major beef with it. NO CHARGER! What the HECK?! I have NEVER gotten any kind of handheld electronic that didn't have a charger come with it. I am not going to spend extra money on this to buy a charger because we have rechargeable batteries. You should hear they soul-crushed cry of a 4 year old who's Leapster has DIED in the MIDDLE of a Penguins of Madagascar mission!

At a first glance, the Leapster Explorer seems like a really great electronic game/tool for learning. My mother bought my 5 yr old daughter one for her birthday. Pros: easy for the kids to use/navigate, great for travel, holds interest for an extended period of time. Cons: Batteries run out quick, games are expensive, online tools are poor, pricey for what you actually get. I would save my money and purchase something else.

This is an amazing product that is tons of fun for the kids while being educational too! The only downside is that you have to use AA batteries and they drain quite quickly. You can purchase a rechargeable battery so that is probably what we will do. It was easy for both of my kids to use and there are a lot of fun and educational games! Great Christmas gift!