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Pricey but worth it! I bought one for my daughter about 7 years ago, she is now nine. Had I known I was going to have another kid 5 years after my first child, I would have kept it. So we are going to get my son one this year. He is left handed, and it does help with learning to write the right way and numbers etc. Totally worth the money, but look for deals cause it can be pricey.

This was purchased for my 5 year old as a gift. He has a hard time writing and this has helped him tremendously!!! It makes Learning fun and entertaining for him. It's easy to hold, with easy to follow directions

Great for helping learn to read and write My 4 year old got this for her birthday and loves it. She has been learning to write her name and other things at preschool and this definitely helps her. Especially the book about tracing and then it repeats back the letters to her. I will say the books can be a little flimsy as they are just paper and she gets frustrated when her 2 year old sister is a round and ruins everything in sight.

This has to be one of the best readers I have ever seen. My kids have figured it out in a few minutes and have been able to read stories or have the stories read to them. It is a great item to keep in the car as long as you remember to charge it. They enjoy getting other books as gifts or just because so they can continue to read or reread their favorite stories. It has helped with fostering a love of reading and given them a desire to continue to learn to read.

This is a great tool for learning. I use it with the young kids that I keep in my home. It really helps them to have additional information instead of me always be the teacher. It is like a mini teacher.

These are wonderful. I had students who were nonverbal but could show their reading skills by letting the wand speak for them as they pressed the letters and completed activities. The only bad part is how quickly the wand batteries die when left on by the kids.

My son is young, under the age limit for this, but I still love the product. When it comes to education I feel it's ok to bump them up to a higher level if they can manage to operate the product. When I am doing house chores and not able to sit and read with my little guy, he gladly will pick up the pin, select his book and dig in! He (and I) love the book selection and he seems to learn something new or click on a different picture every time. This keeps the experience new and the product refreshing to him each time he uses it. My husband and I love sitting with him as he decided where to click. It's great! It gives him a deeper love of reading at the young age of three. My only push back would be that I wish the books were a tad cheaper in price. We would purchase more than we currently have if that were the case.

I must admit I have seen these "pens" in stores and been very skeptical, I mean reall, a pen that can read to you? How is that even possible, how is technology getting so advanced that a pen can touch a piece of paper and tell you what's on it? Well, I may never know. What matters is that my children and the other party guests loved reading with these LeapReaders, they had so much fun. I really think that this is a great learning tool for children just starting out and learning the sounds of the letters, those learning how to put the letters together to form words, those learning to read on their own. Even my older two girls played with it after the party was over. My 3 year old was playing with her LeapReader in the car and within half an hour she could perfectly recite the alphabet... no this doesn't work magic, she's been learning the alphabet for a long time now but not always getting them all in the right order. Now she can. I'm so proud of her. My eldest daughter (almost thirteen) says she wished she had this for all her books... she's a bookworm and loves to read, and I'm sure one day in the future they will! But for now, for all those children just starting out or the ones who need a little extra reading fun, I suggest you go out and grab yourself a LeapReader, it's a fantastic learning aid, you will not be disappointed...at least I don't see how you could be, it's a wonderful tool!!