Lean Cuisine's #ItAll Campaign Controversy. Tell Us What You Think to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.30.18
Lean Cuisine's #ItAll Campaign Controversy. Tell Us What You Think to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

The frozen food company, Lean Cuisine, recently conducted an experiment to see how women make life decisions. The "#ItAll" campaign found that women make different choices when they are alone versus with supportive friends.

Though Lean Cuisine tried to show that they are supportive of women, the campaign, along with the video they released about it, has caused some serious backlash on social media.

What do you think? Watch the video, read some of the reactions, and then tell us your opinion below. One commenter will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

As TODAY reports, many of the negative comments center on the fact that #ItAll is coming from what most view as a diet company:

Others are upset that only women were include in this experiment:

However, not everyone is unhappy. Supporters of the campaign appreciate that Lean Cuisine is opening a dialogue about the pressures women face to have #ItAll:

What do you think about the Lean Cuisine #ItAll experiment?

Do you like it? Or do you think it's misguided? Should men have been included? Tell us below! One commenter will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card.


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  • SarahLynn10 By SarahLynn10

    Yes I think men should have been included.

  • jwantink By jwantink

    Men need to be included. A bit misleading.

  • redhead90 By redhead90

    I think it is sad people chose to focus on the negative instead they could see how much supporting one another impacts life events.

  • xoholliebear By xoholliebear

    it's misguided, it shouldn't be exclusive to women

  • Aaybeedee By Aaybeedee

    Continuation .... in the study of genetics when he used only crops in his farm did it make his study misguided because he didn't get animals to perform the experiment as well, and it doesn't matter if its being headed by a diet company or not ideas fall on different people irrespective of their work or who they are as shown in the video they weren't shopping for for dietary supplements but their individual #itall why crucify them for being the only ones pushing for the development of the topic topic i have no problem with it i think its nice they've started opening up the topic to inform women of the roles they play on other women maybe sooner the topic maybe opened to more diverse topics but for now kudos to Lean Cuisine

  • Aaybeedee By Aaybeedee

    its no news that women are other women's greatest form of criticism this experiment opens it up to a different level SUPPORT. i do not believe its misguided in any way but somewhat inconclusive, like many other theories which where concluded later on most times by other people. what many fail to understand that theories dont come in complete packages like the theory of relativity gravitational forces e.t.c they where all centered on one factor earth just like this one was centered on women adding members of the opposite gender is left to further development on the topic " does a male point of view affects a woman's view point", "what happens on combined view point of male and female on the woman".

  • mickeymoo84 By mickeymoo84

    Inspirational! We should all be so brave to live the life we want without apologizing for it. And thank goodness for the women who support us in that!

  • Debi4010 By Debi4010

    We should all help each other have our allit by giving them the respect to make their lives the best it can be for theirselves

  • Janet50e By Janet50e

    Yes it's misguided. This experiment had nothing to do with dieting. I feel if the spouses should of been included and men. This is about what one wants out of life and to achieve that being in a relationship your spouse would of had a clear view after watching you make yoir choices.

  • for1armymom By for1armymom

    Would love this could buy a couple things I need lol Thank you for this opportunity

  • zekthezookeeper1967 By zekthezookeeper1967

    I think everyone should be included, men and women both have the same problems.

  • jae6571 By jae6571

    i think its a bit misguided , both m & f , underestimate what they want , many thing they just have to settle on things , even though it should not be this way, All people should be motivated ! That is what i would want !! #ItAll experiment

  • Tata505 By Tata505

    I like the overall message. Women are constantly trying to attain success by having #ItAll in life. I do think it would be interesting to see what choices women would make when shopping with the men in their lives though.

  • mizkwx1 By mizkwx1

    At 60 years old I've started eating very lean and I'm losing weight and feeling great. It's important for health and energy. If I had made this decision a long time ago I could have been more of what I wanted to be. Decisions can be very hard to make. There are so many ways to go. If you think you want something you should try it out for a while. If you change your mind it's fine. You belong to yourself. There are things like children and marriage that you have to be committed to so never rush in. I think the study showed Interesting insight and insight is a good helper. Don't expect everything to be perfect but don't settle for abuse.

  • connie55007 By connie55007

    I know that women can make their own choices When my husband was alive it seemed he made all the choices. We did what he wanted most of the time. But after he passed away. I had to be strong and make choices ,I had kids to finish raising.After they moved out it was me. I cook when I want to, or get take out.I don't worry about asking if its ok.

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