Lauren Conrad L.A. Candy

Lauren Conrad L.A. Candy

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I LOVED this book! I also read the one following this one and they were all great, I would recommend them all!

L.A. Candy is a look into the reality tv world, so to speak. Lauren Conrad takes you behind the scenes and gives you a feel of just how much work goes into a reality show. Essentially the story is about nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts and her best friend Scarlett, who move to L.A. Jane is interning for a well known event coordinator, and Scarlett is attending USC. The girls lead totally normal lives until one night they are approached at a club and asked to be on a reality show, a ?reality version of Sex and the City.? Of course the girls agree to do it, what could go wrong? Enter Madison and Gabby, the costars of the show. All the girls seem to get along at first, but Madison has her own agenda when it comes to the show. She wants to be the star, and she'll stop at nothing to destroy Jane and her precious ?golden girl? reputation. Jane is your basic goody goody. She's sweet, cute, and wouldn't hurt a fly. You find yourself wondering if LC took a good look in a mirror and wrote down what she saw. Scarlett is spunky! She's armed with good looks and an attitude she's not afraid to use. She doesn't let anyone take advantage of her, and although she has some wild rendezvous, you'll soon realize she's your favorite character. Who doesn't love a badass best friend? Gabby is an airhead. Although she seems really sweet, I found myself rolling my eyes at most of the things she said. She follows Madison around like a lost little puppy, and you want her to snap out of it! Madison?Well, I just want to hit her! She seems like your typical Hollywood drama queen. Always out to get what she wants, no matter who it hurts or how much trouble it causes. The story is just like an episode of The Hills; Full of juicy gossip, hot boys, and backstabbing best friends. It's a page turner to the very end, and Conrad leaves you wanting more. Not too bad for her first novel.