Laura Geller City Lights Lip Gloss

Laura Geller City Lights Lip Gloss

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Laura Geller City Lights Lip Gloss sells for sixteen dollar for a .25 ounce tube (at Sephora). It has a deliciously tempting watermelon scent. If you are standing next to a guy you want to smooch and he catches a whiff, you are good to go! However, he may be disappointed once his lips make contact with your grainy lips. This lip gloss is made to shimmer and the shimmer is grainy on your lips. I suspect the shimmer/glitter is also what causes my lips to dry out. The gloss itself is clear. Mixed in the gloss is a pink and gold glimmer (the grainy stuff). The gloss is supposed to moisturize and be non sticky...I did not find that to be the case. However, mixing the gloss with lip stick could have caused the sticky feeling. Despite its short commings, I found this lip gloss not only to smell good, but also to stay on well and look pretty. The gloss is also supposed to taste like watermelon but I did not pick up on the flavor. The gloss gives a nice shiny finish. If you want to wear it just to look pretty and smell good (first date), buy it. If you are going to be kissing someone (second or third date), find another gloss. I don't think it is worth the price.