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  • meganam By  meganam    

    I love Larabars, and have probably tried every flavor. I also have an obsession with pecan pie. This bar was, for some reason, greasier than all of the other bars. That's really my only gripe about it, that and it doesn't quite taste like a pecan pie to me. Still delicious though.

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  • imstephtacular By  imstephtacular    

    These bars are great in a pinch! Especially since the ingredients are clean and the sugars are natural and not added in any form aside from fruit! This is a pretty good flavor, not my #1 favorite, but a good choice. And these are a great deal if you can find them on sale (target, grocery store, etc)

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  • bunnyears By  bunnyears    

    No sugar added. They contain few natural natural ingredients only, which makes them really healthy. The taste is great. I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • MrsGeisendorfer By  MrsGeisendorfer    

    Larabars are such a great alternative to sweet sugary candy bars and dry flavorless nutrition bars. The Pecan Pie Flavor is one of my favorites, very rich nutty flavors with a great amount of protein. These are the perfect solution to the sweet craving without loading you up with tons of sugar and calories!

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  • Antwendell By  Antwendell    

    I've tried a number of the flavors and the Pecan Pie is the best but I find I prefer Clif Bar.

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    Taste great!

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  • msofty68 By  msofty68    

    It looks good,but I've never seen them in my grocery store and I would love to try it!!

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  • ldsjmoore By  ldsjmoore    

    These are great! They do not taste medicinal like other energy type bars. You can taste real fruit flavors in them!

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  • triedit2 By  triedit2    

    love these!!!! originally tried when included in a gift bag, but now buy them regularly. no sugar, no preservatives or additives just fruit and nuts. pecan pie, cherry pie and apple are my favorites. they also make a line of chocolate bars.

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  • jonescatnj By  jonescatnj    

    I was out grocery shopping the other day and needed to find a quick snack to regain some energy. I looked in the energy bar area and found a product called Lara Bar. As a person avoiding gluten and sugar I was thrilled with the flavor called pecan pie. The ingredients are pecans, almonds and dates. That's it. No sugar, preservatives or fillers. The taste? Yummy! At 220 calories it satisfied my hunger but didn't leave me feeling guilty about what I just ate.

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