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  • TLDobbs77 By  TLDobbs77    

    I love Lane Bryant Jeans, I have been buying them for years. It is nice to get a pair of pants that bring out your curves without hurting you....LOL

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  • NancyKay4808 By  NancyKay4808    

    Like these a lot

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  • tabster54 By  tabster54    

    I have a very hard time finding jeans that fit as a plus size woman, with different proportioned hips and thighs, but the Right Fit jeans from Fashion Bug are amazing! They come in a wide, petite and in my perfect size, they fit in the hips and in the legs/thighs...I just wish they were a tad bit longer, they seemed to shrink in length after I washed them for the first time. I have had them for over a year now and they are still in excellent condition, no fading or thinning out, no holes or rips etc...I will def. be purchasing a few more pairs for Christmas this year!

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  • chickmomma By  chickmomma    

    I love these, make me feel less frumpy and more fashionable at the same time. They can be expensive, but I only buy one or two pair at a time and only every once in a while.

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  • berly222 By  berly222    

    I am 6' tall and these are the only jeans I have found that fit me perfectly. They are not the wide boot cut jeans, they are are regular cut and they don't look like mom jeans either. I will be so upset if they ever stop making these jeans.

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  • SimplyMellow By  SimplyMellow    

    First let me say that I like Lane Bryant! I did try all three styles of the jeans and I was not pleased. I am a curvy woman with more rear end than a waist ,so they were not a good fit for me. The straight leg, stretch style was close, but but no cigar! They fit but the waist area was too big. I appreciate LB for creating this line because most stores feature clothing for full figure women to be short and old fashion. I will still recommend the line, it just did not work for me.

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  • judyser By  judyser    

    They fit very well. I like the sizing for body types. I also like that they come in petite sizes for us shorter ladies. However if it's not on sale they tend to be a little expensive.

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  • briggette936 By  briggette936    

    love lane bryant it's where most of my clothes come from

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  • GoldenDelicious By  GoldenDelicious    

    I'm just under 6 foot and have been since I was 12 years old which left me with very little options when it came to clothes growing up. I shopped at lane bryant whenever we had the money and they were having a sale. As a whole I enjoy them and their clothes. There are only a few problems clothes tend to run big, and they are pretty pricey. The most frustrating problem for me and this is with many plus size stores; they assume because I wear a bigger size I must have big boobs, and a big gut. I have neither which means my shirts always need to be altered or they gape funny and the pants have extra room in the crotch area for a stomach I don't have. Other than that the quality and style are all very nice and flattering.

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  • spoiledangelbaby2001 By  spoiledangelbaby2001    

    I LOVE Lane Bryant. That is where I buy 99% of my clothes for work. The Right Fit Jeans are the only one jeans I buy. They fit great and are so comfy. The price is pretty spendy, but they usually have some kind of sale (gift checks for $25 off a $75 purchase). If you have their credit card you will almost always have a gift check if not some other kind of discount coupon.

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  • vintagepurple By  vintagepurple    

    i bought 2 pair when they first came out with these ( before the had them at the fation bug or anything) and i don't really think they cost tomuch considering, they lasted me like 2 or so years ( i am just now at the point where i need to throw them out cuz the wore threw the thighs) and i hate pants that don't last so i love that. the draw back is you have to have them sized cuz the whole sizing was new, but there was like a secret code that what ever size you were you have to by a whole size smaller ccuz they will strech all the way out. and all jean strech alittle , and lady was like no these are really going to streach, so like i was between and 3 and 4 the 4 werre supper comffy but even a normal amount of jean strach would have made them unwear about, so in a sence i wear 3 tryed them on and that was about what i expected for new jeans when i by them found the shape i like i was pretty happy, tryed on some others just to be sure, then had to go find and buy a 2 to acomidate for the strech. wouldn't be a big deal for rebuying but i read online or with less help for sales people who were turned off by the strech, umm as a whole they were good pants and i hope there still as good as a remember, i like them for wearing every day,

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  • Laura116 By  Laura116    

    I just recently started using Lane Bryant and pleasantly surprised! I range between sizes 10-14, have found some good things here for the more "mature" figure!

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  • sturkie1 By  sturkie1    

    I love Lane Bryant. They can be a little expensive. So watch for the sales.

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  • katiedonovan By  katiedonovan    

    Decided to go in and buy a pair when they were on sale. They fit perfectly and make my butt look AMAZING! First day I wore them I was getting looks from guy and I just felt great. I ended up bringing my friend in one time to pick out a new wardrobe for her because she needed to stop dressing like a teen and more like the mother she is. It makes you feel wonderful being able to say "yeah, i'm a size 3" or what ever size you are and they make you feel so confident.

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  • Niveya By  Niveya    

    I LOVE Lane Bryants Right Fit line. It can be a little confusing when you first get into the sizes and colors but its really very simple. The sales lady explained it to me like this... Yellow is for ladies who need a little bit more room around the waist, but have a smaller butt and thights. Red is for curvy girls with a smaller waist but need more room in the bottom area. Blue is for ladies who need a little bit of extra room all around, or are a little thicker in the waist, thighs and bottom. Me for example, im a Yellow 5. I am thicker in the waist, but have relatively slender thighs and no butt. The yellows fit me perfect. I definitely do recommend buying them tight because they stretch out quiet a bit after each washing. They're fabulous jeans. LOVE them.

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