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  • sierralovesbeinghappy By  sierralovesbeinghappy    

    So good,very minty without being too much

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  • kenken2013 By  kenken2013    

    This is so delisious i will awesomely recommend this.

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  • ab1490 By  ab1490    

    I really love the way this cocoa tastes. Its so creamy and the mint in it just tops it off. Delicious

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  • beevet By  beevet    

    sounded really good, but i wasn't impressed. too sweet, not enough mint. chocolate was weak. the first ones we got tasted like soap, i'm rating the replacements :-/

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  • theshoelesswanderer By  theshoelesswanderer    

    LOVE all of the Land o Lakes hot chocolates. The absolute best available! All the flavors have been delicious! and it's so quick and easy! (And their packets are great for backpacking/camping trips)

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  • alwaystru1 By  alwaystru1    

    I was surprised to find out land o lakes made a hot cocoa mix,But even more surprised by the taste. it is so full of flavor till I went out in search for more this is a keeper so good

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  • Brenda121 By  Brenda121    

    Only the best. Which reminds me I need to buy more.

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  • mystigal By  mystigal    

    This is one of my favorite instant hot chocolate mixes! It's so creamy, soothing and delcious! The mint chocolate is one of favorite flavors, it's not too minty and not too sweet, it's just right!

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  • Amy1986 By  Amy1986    

    Awesome Products! I love all their flavors!!!

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  • jonilee73 By  jonilee73    

    This stuff is heaven. I absolutely love it. I found a box of it so I don't have the buy the little bags anymore. I love it and the best part is that my daughter doesn't like the mint flavor so I have it all to myself. I keep this is the house year round for a special treat.

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  • mitcherd By  mitcherd    

    This is one of my favorite hot chocolates. Love the mint taste, makes it a Christmas time drink.

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  • fnewspost By  fnewspost    

    YUM. That's the best cocoa ever!

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  • maineac By  maineac    

    It sounds delicious, but I agree that it should also be sold in canisters... more value, less waste.

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  • Irishborn By  Irishborn    

    I received some LOL hot chocolate packets last Christmas. It is the best hot chocolate I found. However, I am not a fan of all the flavors. Instead of buying individual packets, I wish they would sell it like other brands in boxes or cannisters.

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  • Doll5272 By  Doll5272    

    I purchased some Land O Lakes Mint Hot Cocoa with the sole purpose of using as a nice pick me up after a long hard day. I'm proud to say the Land O Lakes Mint Hot Cocoa was by far my favorite, the best way I can describe it was it felt as though I was drinking a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. So minty and creamy, full of flavor it was simply delicious. So if you need a pick me up, or maybe just to treat yourself I highly recommend grabbing yourself a can of whip cream and some Land Of Lakes Hot Cocoa and relaxing.

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