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  • KimberleeGoodson By  KimberleeGoodson    

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It's light weight and feels great on skin. It's made to correct fine lines/wrinkles, pores, and skin discoloration. It's a pricey product but well worth the money spent.

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  • simplefrenchbeauty By  simplefrenchbeauty    

    The best part about this product is the supreme presentation of the packaging and the non-greasy texture of the serum. I have been using it for the past four weeks and have noticed a HUGE difference in my hyper pigmentation. An incredible indulgence for the skin... highly recommended.

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  • dsquilts02 By  dsquilts02    

    This has been the best product I have ever bought for improving my skin. I use it every morning and I started noticing a difference right away.

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  • Realcalgary By  Realcalgary    

    This cream is nice and smooth, but the smell is a little strong sometimes. Product is expensive and I'll finish my tube, but not sure if I'd by it again due to the high cost.

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  • deikenb87 By  deikenb87    

    This stuff is great! I have fine lines and bit has helped tremendously!

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  • karenbebe By  karenbebe    

    It makes your skin feel so smooth and I notice my pore is a bite smaller after using for a week. It also smells really good!!

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  • crystalhale By  crystalhale    

    I got this a week ago and you can see a difference all ready its a must try ! it smells so good and not greasy at all .

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  • Jmb342436 By  Jmb342436    

    Works to even out your skin tone, minimize your pores and helps reduce wrinkles. Great for older women.

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