Lancome Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base

Lancome Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base

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awesome mascara base Lancome Cils Booster is an amazing product! My mascara goes on so much smoother and helps keep my mascara from flaking off. Highly recommend!

I got a sample of this product and I have to now go buy more because I cannot put on mascara by itself without this base! I love the way it enhances my mascara no matter what brand it is!

I love Lancome Mascaras but I am sad to say I was just not impressed with this AT ALL. No matter how sparingly or carefully I applied this it made my lashes clump together and the white color was almost impossible to cover up even with several coats. Also once dried it made my lashes feel very stiff, as if they had glue in them. It also dries up very quickly. I only used half of mine and the rest dried up on me and had to throw it out which is rather upsetting at the price tag. If you can get an even coat on there it does make your lashes look thicker but not worth the hassle for me. I much prefer Smashbox lash primer.

This is a good basic eyelash primer. I used it for years but have been hooked on Dior for the last couple purchases.. This does not mean I don't like Cils Booster. It definitely gives a much more lengthier, thicker look to your lashes. It also helps to keep your mascara from flaking off. It keeps lashes flexible and not stiff, gooped up look. I still purchase this product for my mom.

Love this product. I bought it when I was buying Lancome mascara. It definitely makes your eyelashes look longer and fuller after application. It does not get clumpy either. The product goes on smoothly and can be paired with any mascara. I am very happy with this product!

this stuff is awesome my lashes feel like they have actually grown. have tried other primers but always come back to this one. makes my lashes sky high

One of my favorites! I use the waterproof type, and I think it's great

I received this in a beauty pack that I was given for taking surveys for a cosmetic company. I have short sparse eyelashes so I need all the help I can get! I was very happy with this product! You put it on like mascara coating all the lashes with the white substance. Then you put on your mascara after wards. This product makes your lashes longer and fuller and after I used it my Mom thought I had fake eyelashes on! It works very well..easy to use and definitely makes a difference. I highly recommend this great product.

I received a free sample of this product when buying other Lancome products, and I was completely surprised at the results I received when used. It is a base before putting on mascara, and it separates the lashes and also extends them. My lashes look so much fuller and longer when I use this product. The white substance makes it easy to see where you have applied the product, trying to cover all lashes.When all lashes are covered, the mascara is applied. The mascara goes on more smoothly too.