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  • shakeya By  shakeya    

    there is nothing to say but gross.

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  • KathyCouponer By  KathyCouponer    

    I'm severely lactose intolerant that even some lactait items still get me sick. I'll try anything at least once that is lactose free so I tried this. Unfortunately, I didn't buy this while on sale or with a coupon so I really waisted my money. It looked really good when I opened it however the taste was gross, I had to spit it out. And it had no texture at all; it was very watery. Even though I get sick on Breakstone or Friendship's Cottage Cheese I'll continue to buy theirs.

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  • 1234tina By  1234tina    

    I just purchased this over the weekend, and am quite disappointed. The taste and texture of this cottage cheese is gross. I normally buy and ONLY BUY Friendship 1% cottage cheese, and luv the stuff. The taste, texture, fat, calories - you just can't go wrong with Friendship. BUT this week Lactaid lowfat cottage cheese was on sale, & i am a bit lactose intolerant so i thought i would give it a try. At first sight it looks great, small curdles, nice and white. Once i tasted it i kind of gagged. Its quite watery and sort of slimmy. The taste was not pleasant, can't hold a candle next to the Friendship or Breakstone's cottage cheeses. I do not recomment this product and unfortuneatley, i had to throw the rest in the garbage couldn't stand the thought of finishing it.

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