Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System

Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System

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Good idea Refills are overpriced, and if not used frequently( as in a guest bathroom) it tends to get clogged up and then leaves drips on the counter, otherwise great idea!!

I really enjoy this product in my kitchen. We are constantly cooking and baking so having this around comes in handy. Love that when we are working with meats or messy items we don't have to touch the dispenser. That works for us we don't want to be spreading germs.

I really like this concept for at home cleansing. However, it is too much hastle for my family. It would come out when we didn't want it too and keeping refills on hand didn't happen. We prefer the pump suds kind of cleansers.

Too Expensive ,However I love lysol products . love the smell lysol is so great for killing germs i just hope they consider the price and come down a little.

I love the whole idea of this product and the soaps are great. I just think it is a little pricey for hand soap. The refills are way to much even with coupons. Sad, because I really like this product.

I love the system, the refills are WAY too expensive for the amount of soap in them, especially when you have to pay $9 to get the system in the beginning. Also the scents offered are SO limited, there's only 3 that I've found available.

I love the convenience of this. And it works well!

I love mine! I keep mine on the kitchen sink, I refill my own or I would have to buy 1 quite a bit and that would get pricy.

I've been using this product for about a month now. Pros: convenient for preventing cross-contamination, pleasant scent, sleek design. Cons: the soap dries out my hands much more than other brands I've used (perhaps they can come out with a moisturizing formula?)

I love this for the concept of not having to touch anything with dirty hands to get soap dispensed but the refills are just too expensive. Which is why I figured out how to pop the top off refill it with my own soap. You also have to be careful and not drop it in a sinkful of dish water or they won't work anymore. I've went through 2 that way. :(

The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the refills are WAY too expensive! Seriously, about $5 for ONE little pod! I got my system on sale for super cheap, and then discovered with a little careful prodding, I can get the cap off the bottle and refill with what ever soap I want! I love how it dispenses the right amount of soap, I got the on for the kitchen, so I'm not sure if they all dispense the same amount of soap. Meaning I know there's also one meant for hand washing....I'm wondering if that one might dispense slightly smaller amounts of soap? Any way, I love this, and if I find it on sale again I will also a system for my bathroom.

I'm always in the kitchen, and this comes in handy to prevent contaminatin when I'm handling different foods. The only this I would change is the very sensative sensor. If I'm even remotely close to it, it goes off. Can't wait until they decide to offer new scents

I have one at every sink in our apartment and I love it. (Of course I have the kitchen one in the kitchen.) There are less germs and not such a mess. But I still have to teach my fiancé to use it and not leave soap on the counter, I don't understand how you can take soap and not make a mess. It is the easiest thing to use, the soap comes out by itself I just don't get it.

I tried this product because I found a coupon and figured why not, I love it! It is so much cleaner than having to touch the soap dispenser! I have 3 of these in my house and love the different varieties of scents they give you! We recently got a kitten and she has figured out how to make it "squirt", she lays under it sometimes just to see what it will do! Apparently she prefers it as well because she keeps going back!

Love this product the soaps are great and I like that my family doesn't have to spead germs or dirt around. The scents are great also.