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  • nynj98 By  nynj98    

    I like this mascara. It makes my lashes long and dark. It doesn't clump up but it does make my lashes stick together sometimes. I have to separate them with a lash comb.

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    This is my holy grail mascara. I have been using it for a few years now and every time i try a new one i am always reminded of how great this one is! This separates your lashes and makes them wispy yet dramatic at the same time! The only reason I did not give the product five stars is because the last few that i have purchased seemed to dry out quicker than they have in the past.

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  • Texxasgurl45 By  Texxasgurl45    

    I thought this was going to be better. I don't like the brush, but maybe I'm too picky. It did add some length but I didn't feel it added volume. The regilar Voluminous is soooo much better. It took several coats and I still wasn't happy with it

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  • Jamieterran By  Jamieterran    


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  • gingerrelifordmcclung By  gingerrelifordmcclung    

    I loved the way my lashes felt after putting this on. Other mascaras make them feel stiff which makes me constantly rub my eyes. This makes them look longer, fuller and soft.

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  • JaimeShaye By  JaimeShaye    

    I have had trouble with other mascara products burning or irritating my eyes, but not this one. It's not clumpy and seems to lengthen my lashes.

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  • blondie4life By  blondie4life    

    I've been using this mascara for years and have never had a problem with it! It doesn't clump, flake, or irritate my eyes like many other mascaras do. I love how this mascara lengthens as well as giving a more lash look!

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  • MrsKarenGarcia By  MrsKarenGarcia    

    This is my holy grail mascara! I love it!

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  • Touchbyceline By  Touchbyceline    

    This is one of my favorite mascara I normally have long lashes But this makes them look very sexier.

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  • Playinggrownup By  Playinggrownup    

    I love the blackest black waterproof version of this mascara. The brush is just the right size for control and it really does prevent clumping. I also love that it doesn't feel dry or get flaky throughout the day. This is a staple item in my make-up bag.

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  • karikerosene By  karikerosene    

    One of my all time favorite mascaras. It makes my lashes look amazing.

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  • gghosh50 By  gghosh50    

    Absolutely my favourite mascara ever. This and the Voluminous False Fiber mascara work hand in hand to give me the most luxuriously long eyelashes that I could want!

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  • sshaik By  sshaik    

    I have tried and tested numerous mascara in my lifetime. I love this the best. It doesnt clump and gives you long luscious and beautiful millions of lashes. Also priced under ten dollars it is a bargain in the beauty world.

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  • MissRubyRoux By  MissRubyRoux    

    It's not exactly voluminous but it's more lengthening which is different. What I love is that is separates your lashes and lengthens them without making them clumpy. This is a great mascara to start off with and finish off with a coat of a volumizing mascara so your eyelashes look fuller.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    i like this msacara. its similar to voluminous.. the brush and formula are great and buildable. doesnt flake and my lashes are still somewhat soft and not hard and crunchy. separates your lashes great!! will be buying again

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