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  • Kane331 By  Kane331    

    Tends to clump after a few uses but washes off easily.

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  • Ampriest By  Ampriest    

    Save your money! this stuff isn't any better than the cheaper brands!

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  • daisymay2010 By  daisymay2010    

    I bought this mascar and the loreal voluminous Caron black at the same time. I preferred the carbon black better. This one seemed to dry out very quickly.

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  • lisaann By  lisaann    

    Great mascara!

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  • apatterman By  apatterman    

    Adds a nice length and a little thickness, but I like my lashes thicker. Doesn't work well for multiple coats.

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  • nikkilee0625 By  nikkilee0625    

    I have this and i like how much longer my lashes look but I dont like the brush, it may be because it probably dried out or something

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  • sillywoman By  sillywoman    

    Love this. It covers your lashes with one coat,doesn't clump or flake

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  • gghosh50 By  gghosh50    

    Absolutely my favourite mascara ever. This and the Voluminous Million Lashes mascara work hand in hand to give me the most luxuriously long eyelashes that I could want! I can't just use one- I need both!

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  • Chandler55 By  Chandler55    

    Great and inexpensive mascara. Makes your lashes longer and bolder

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  • MakeupRociT By  MakeupRociT    

    My favorite mascara ever!

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  • cddmom By  cddmom    

    Love this

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  • kklane By  kklane    

    I liked this mascara very much!Works really well.It covers your lashes with one coat,doesn't clump or flake.

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  • amandaaustin By  amandaaustin    

    I absolutely LOVE this mascara. I have been using it exclusively for almost a year. Here is a review I posted on my blog: http://bit.ly/xBMZiO

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  • lovestotestmakeup By  lovestotestmakeup    

    worked great

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  • britt118 By  britt118    

    This mascara noticeably lengthened my lashes, it worked really well for me!

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