L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional The One-Sweep Eye Shadow

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional The One-Sweep Eye Shadow

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Nice colors but you don't get that one sweep color effect.

Not good

very easy to use great if you dont have alot of time

I love this product! I have it in the "playful for all eyes" shade. The reason why I love it is because it is super easy to apply and does not look to over done. I personally am an amateur and applying makeup so when I saw this at the store I decided to give it a try. I did not think I would like it as much as I do, definitely worth trying!

Nice colors but you don't get that one sweep color effect.

i love them but it was kinda hard to use :/

I really wish I could give you a positive review on this product, but I simply can't. This was by far the most disappointing product I have ever purchased. For one, the applicator is too big and second, it doesn't show up and create that blended look. It's such a mess. You are better off watching tutorials on YouTube and learning how to blend eye shadows there.

The brush paddle thing was impossible to use loreal decided one size fits all for eye lids!

Totally sucks and so not worth spending money on

wow, this is a rushed to market product. Come on Loreal, seriously? Everyone has different shaped eyes, so why would you think this would do the job?

Yikes, this is a product that was rushed to market! I can't imagine how the product testers didnt tell the manufacturer to save their money and go back to the drawing board. Great idea, but executed poorly. Everyone's eye shape is totally different, a foam applicator isn't going to change that. Beside, I think makeup manufacturer's should be encouraging makeup as beautfying and creative outlet for the everyday woman. Beside this eyeshadow had poor pigmentation and very little product for the money.

The eyeshadow trio is really a neat concept. Like many products on the market, they do have them designed to complement eye color. My eyes are brown, so I tried that set. I love the dark brown and the copper. All three colors are touching each other on the palette. To apply it, you just sweep the eyeshadow applicator across the palette with the darkest color on the curved part. Line up the curve with your eye and sweep across. To blend it, just lightly sweep up! In theory, this eyeshadow is a great idea. I had to practice with it a bit to get the right amount of colors in the right place. I feel like the applicator doesn't give me enough control and I like control that a smaller applicator gives me. I found that I had a difficult time getting enough of the darker color (that goes closest to the eye line) in the right place. This application style also prohibits much creativity with cosmetic effects. I don't wear make-up frequently, but do enjoy it when I am going out. I don't generally wear the darkest eyeshadow color ONLY on the eye line. I usually also wear it in the crease. Without getting another applicator and placing it there (which totally defeats the purpose of the One Sweep Eyeshadow), I was unable to do that. This product isn't a total wash though. The colors are rich and long-lasting. It was very quick and easy to apply. If you wear make-up during your normal day and generally wear your darkest eyeshadow color on the bottom, a lighter color in the crease and the highlighter on the top, this product is great. I will get a lighter version of it and use it to teach my daughter the basics of wearing make-up. My overall thought? It's a great product for someone that doesn't like to get too creative with their eyeshadow and doesn't need the control of a smaller applicator.

While the idea is a great one, it really doesn't work. No ones eyes are the same and to think that this would work for everyone is just wrong. I got this on a recommendation from a friend who loves this product. Dislike this product!!! The applicator makes no sense as far as you have to line up the colors exactly each time or the colors bleed together. The placement of the colors on my eyes aren't right. Don't get me wrong I love the colors in the product but I have to use my other brushes to use it. I will not be buying this product again.

This is a crock, in my opinion. The colors are pretty but the brush is not helpful and it does not look right when you apply it. To me, it defeats the purpose to have to pull out your own brushes and use the shadow as if it weren't a "one step" process. I wouldn't buy this again or recommend it to anyone who wanted something easy to use.

Not impressed....... brush is odd and doesnt work the way they show or say it does!!! But as for the color and the shadow it self, thats nice!!!!!