L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser

L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser

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I was really drawn to the packaging.

I was definitely drawn to the packaging and idea of this product. I really hated the scrubber that came with it and the face wash made me break out even worse. Was not impressed at all.

I bought these as an impulse because I liked the packaging and I thought the scrub was a good idea. I was definitely wrong! I don't really know what it was that affected me so badly, but something in this product really irritated my skin!! The next morning I woke up with a red puffy face and my eyes were so puffy I could hardly see! I couldn't go anywhere that whole day and I had to have an ice pack on my face to help with the swelling. It seems like it was probably just me, but this product is a definite no for me.

I bought the orange one and been using it for a few weeks now. It leaves my skin clean but a little dry and itchy. Maybe i'll try the one for sensitive skin next time.

I have used all the products and i did like them. they cleaned my skin but i didnt feel like it was enough for my likeing. i quickly replaced them with the Clinique 3-Step System for clear skin. But if ur on a busy squedule and dont have about 3 mins this is a must for you.

I have super sensitive skin and have had no problems with the blue one for sensitive skin.. It is effective and gentle enough to remove eye makeup too! The scrubbet works great and the wash does not dry out my skin or cause breakouts. I LOVE this product!!!

i go this for sensitive skin and i love it! i've been using it for about a month and i haven't had any breakouts since, well a couple small pimples here and their, they were hormonal though, it doesn't make my skin fell dry i just use moisturizer after.

I have sensitive skin and bought the blue and white one. I am happy with the product and recommend it. The little scrublet is nice and works well. I actually use it to take my eye makeup off too! It doesnt sting of burn my eyes at all!

I have "tempermental skin" so I bought the sensitive one. Still, it was drying out my skin. So, I used a moisturizer. Like I said, I have 'tempermental skin' and had to use more moisturizer than necessary, so it created an imbalance with my skin. That imbalance lead to the hugest pimple you will ever see, that, by the way, left a scar!!! Otherwise, I like the smell and my face DID feel clean afterwords. I guess it was okay, but I didn't buy it again after zit-zilla!

i love this!! i use it about every night, and it makes my face feel refreshed! I have been using this for about a month and i havent been breaking out as much.( the little scrublette is awsome)! it makes it more fun:)

i have two of these one i got for myself and the other for my husband and we both love them the scrublet (or whatever its called) is so soft and it feels incredibly good on my face i love it and my husband likes it too.

I also purchased the orange one. I like the smell of this, but it's really strong for a cleanser. Also, the little beads can hurt your face if you scrub too hard. My skin also felt really dry after using this, so make sure you have a good moisturizer.

I love the Scrublet, I will keep that part. Im not used to perfumes in my facial cleansers, So I do not like that part of it. Overall its a decent product, I wish my face would feel more tingly afterwards, but it at least feels clean. I bought the Orange Deep Cleansing one.