L'Oreal EverPure Shampoo

L'Oreal EverPure Shampoo

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Good for the price! Love the smell of all these shampoos. Great for a drug store product.

Dupe for Aveda My go to shampoo for my color treated hair due to the price being so reasonable. I would almost consider this shampoo to be a dupe for Aveda's Rosemary Mint Shampoo, but the Aveda product has a stronger smell.

A Must Have For Winter Months For Your Hair The minute I started using this shampoo, I noticed a difference in my hair for the better. Not only did it seem light in my hair. But it also did not take much for it to create a good lather in it. It also washed out very easy and did not leave a film like some others do. That is because it is sulfate free! Which in the past others that are sulfate free have left my hair with a film on it. Thank you L'Oreal for the breakthrough. After using this for a few weeks, I have noticed that I do not need to spray my hair with leave in conditioner as much. I high recommend this if you live in a dry area in the winter time. I would also recommend using the shampoo as well. Both of them together help to keep the moisture and frizz in check. It helps to restore the moisture. Overall I think this is a great shampoo and would recommend everyone trying it.

Smells amazing liked this shampoo very much! Actually, the whole EverPure line is absolutely wonderful. Smells amazing!!

Love it, but goes fast I love this shampoo. I really, really do. My only issue it that it's not as much product as you'd typically get with a drugstore shampoo - so I feel like I don't get a ton of uses per bottle. The end results are great, however. Luxurious lather, smells good, and leaves my hair softer and shinier than with my standard shampoos.

Good for Colored hair This shampoo and conditioner is really good for color treated hair and the conditioning treatment makes my hair feel amazing! The only issue I have is the smell; mosntof the smell washed out of my hair but it lingers in my bathroom and makes it smell like a salon. Some people may like the salon shop smell but I'm not a fan of it. This stuff takes about a week before you really notice it working. The first 3 times I used it it left my hair feeling really course and reminded me a horse's tail. Over time my hair got soft and smooth.

Keeps hair color longer Such a great smell! My hair feels clean not like a bunch of gunk in it. Hair color seems to last a lot longer and stays brighter with the use of product. Doesn't dry out hair.

This line is great for color treated hair. The scent is amazing and people have actually mistaken it for perfume on me. After one week of use, my highlights looked brighter and I felt my hair was much cleaner that with my previous product.

I liked this shampoo very much! Actually, the whole EverPure line is absolutely wonderful. Even though I do not have color-treated hair, it was still great on my hair. It left my hair feeling soft and smooth -- the qualities I look for in new hair products!

I use the shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and I have found that my color lasts longer when I use this product. If I run out and have to use regular shampoo, my color doesn't last as long. I love the way it smells too.

I expected more from these shampoo and conditioner, they did not work for my hair. I have fine, frizzy and a little damage due to coloring my hair, and it feel too dry for my hair, not moisturizing at all. I would recommend it for healthier hair.

A great product but really didn't work on the curls it smells great and makes it Cody but my hair just absorbs it all

I just found out about this line about a month ago. I bought the blue collection for curly hair. I love it!!

This shampoo and conditioner is amazing. I've never had a favorite shampoo before and have been 'shopping around' since I started buying my own products. I wont use anything else now. It leaves my hair hydrated and soft, with extra body. I've always had issues with dry, flat hair, but this product changed that. The line has a product for every type of hair. I highly recommend it!

Good alternate to regular shampoo. Sulfate free and leaves hair in good condition.