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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    I got some free and liked it but not enough to regularly buy it as it's expensive.

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  • TiffanyD82 By  TiffanyD82    

    I really love L'Oreal Elnett hairspray. I always had a hard time trying to find a hairspray that didn't get crunchy and actually held the curl. When I started using L'Oreal Elnett I was blown away....not only does it hold my curls all day long but it doesn't get crunchy and always leaves my hair soft. It's like magic! Highly recommended.

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  • JulesC By  JulesC    

    I have the Keratin enhancer one, it is very lightweight and it gives a great hold.

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  • kristinmarshall By  kristinmarshall    

    Amazing! I don't use many hair products, but when I do need hairspray, this is the one a use. Nice smell, great hold, no sticky strands, and flexible!

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  • amandaellen By  amandaellen    

    this hair spray is OUTSTANDING!! it makes my hair full of body without being goopy and sticky. you can actually brush through it without breakage and it smells amazing!!

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  • ChapstickGypsy By  ChapstickGypsy    

    LOVE this hairspray. I got it on sale at Walmart. It is a bit pricey at regular price, but I had heard so much about it and it was on sale. It very flexible and a great hold at the same time.

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  • JessB530 By  JessB530    

    LOVE it! I am sensitive to smells/ ingredients but have not had any problems w/ this hairspray. Leaves my hair w/ beautiful curls that stay all day.

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  • littleme By  littleme    

    I really like the scent of this myself .

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  • ashley924 By  ashley924    

    L'Oreal Elnett is the most amazing hairspray in the world! Only fairly recently has it become available in the U.S. and it's only sold at Target but it's well worth the price! I knew people who had 'smuggled' it from Europe for years and though the version sold here isn't the exact same formula as in Europe it's definitely still a great hairspray with a strong, long lasting hold. I live in humid weather and it holds my hair in place yet doesn't look or feel hard or sticky like most hairsprays. I'll never again use another hairspray and even carry a travel one in my purse for when I get my hair done! I'm addicted and though it's a bit pricey and has a strong smell it's well worth it and the smell quickly fades. I've heard some stories of people with very sensitive skin noticing some red bumps so I'd recommend getting the travel one to try first if you have sensitive skin!

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