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  • ddazee By  ddazee    

    I love this product for what it is, an eyelash *booster*. Sadly, no over the counter product will literally make your eyelashes grow. What this did for my lashes was condition them and make them stronger, so over time they looked darker, thicker (because the eyelashes I already have were falling out less), and longer (because my lashes were nicely conditioned and healthy, they were growing to their natural potential). If you use this product with realistic expectations in mind, you won't be disappointed. My eyelashes look the best they've looked in ages, so I will keep buying this product.

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  • liz925 By  liz925    

    I bought this because my eyelashes always fall out. I noticed within a week of using that my eyelashes stopped falling out. My eyelashes are also thicker.

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