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  • CeliaThao By  CeliaThao    

    Buy for natural look

    If you love a dark natural look of lashes, this is the mascara for you. It is not clumpy or voluminous. The length is okay, but keep in mind it takes twice as long to apply because you have both sides on the mascara.

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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    

    Best Mascaras

    This company makes my very favorite drugstore mascaras. They are all high quality and it is really just a matter of figuring out the formula that creates the effect you want ( without the smears, itching, watering away, clumping, or too wet/ too dry formula....). I LOVE THAT THIS COMPANY ALSO OFFERS BROWN options... Which is a makeup artists favorite and will soften/ sexily almost every eye. This formula has a building primer which does lengthen nicely. Slightly glossy & long lashes. Very nice formula.

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  • Gabry81 By  Gabry81    

    It s a gorgeous product !I canceled the appointment to the beautician for the false lashes :) I m really greatful and don't forget: it helps u to save money !!

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  • Krystalidaly By  Krystalidaly    

    It's been working ok for me it's not really what I would call amazing

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  • gabymart By  gabymart    

    I love it . I been using it for 2 year. I just love how my lashes look :)

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  • tammylove2011 By  tammylove2011    


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  • UnionUSA By  UnionUSA    

    Makes me look like I have long lashes again.

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  • kdyer2009 By  kdyer2009    

    worked great

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  • singincherry By  singincherry    

    This is literally HG HG HG!! Whenever i wear this mascara people are constantly commenting on how long, full and gorgeous my eyelashes are! The best part is how easy it is to take off. There's no smudging, no flaking, no raccoon eyes. Just get your eyes wet with a wet washcloth or in the shower or splash water on them till they're nice and soaked, and then watch the mascara literally slide off your eyes. My eyelashes feel so much healthier since I'm not rubbing them. And I love that there's basically no residue when you're done removing it. And hello false lashes!! All-time favorite mascara!

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  • killer_kitty By  killer_kitty    

    Great length -- doesn't smudge & give me the look of an afternoon raccoon

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  • moopsie By  moopsie    

    This is my holy grail mascara. I have very sensitive eyes and loathe eye makeup that requires make-up remover to remove. If it doesn't come off with soap and warm water, it's out. Every other mascara I've ever tried leaves dark smears under my eyes even after I wash my face. I then have to rub it them off...not good on a daily basis for my 34 year old eyes which are beginning to show some fine lines. This stuff is nearly waterproof--it can hold up to light rain and a few tears, but with warm water and soap it slides right off of your eyelashes in a few clumps that wash down the drain. No residue under my eyes. Yay! I'll never buy another brand.

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  • Danimorales37 By  Danimorales37    

    Great mascara, not quite as good as I would have liked but for the amount you pay it doesn't get any better!

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  • gilmoregirl24723 By  gilmoregirl24723    

    This really does give you that false lash effect. The tubes are long and don't fall off throughout the day. Love it!

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  • alacriti_tester By  alacriti_tester    

    I love this mascara ..... :)

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    this mascara does everything it promises! I love that it stays on and then washes right off with water. It lasts forever and its also buildable if you need that. I love this mascara.. a staple in my makeup bag.

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