LOreal Advanced Haircare

LOreal Advanced Haircare

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Great for damaged hair! Made my hair super soft!! If you have damaged hair, give this a shot!

Amazing I often have dry hair so this really helps keep it moisturized. Also helps with my split ends to help them look less yucky. Dont use too much or your hair will get oily.

Works on damaged, not on severely damaged hair Works on damaged hair but does not do much for severely damaged hair. Smells amazing and is a great value for your money. After the first use your hair will have an amazing shine and will feel like silk, if you do not have severely damaged hair.

GOOD I like the smell and how it leaves my hair feeling clean and refreshed.

great product okay so i have fine fine hair i could litterally not be doing anything then bam knotts all in my hair i have to carry a brush in my purse like my momma always did........ but let me tell you if you lather your hairin this shampoo and condintioner ...well you have to scrubb then let them set for like 3 minutes on your scalp and remember to ....i mean neava nevaaaa put conditioneron your scalp unless your shit wont move lmao thats how you get those flackes anyways 10/10

Budget-friendly and it works I really like L'Oreal ELVIVE Total Repair 5 for damaged hair, because I color my hair. I alternate between only one other brand and this one. It's comparable to the one that comes with their hair color kits, which is the always the best. The shampoo washes out easily and gets my hair clean with one wash. The conditioner detangels instantly and smells really nice. Affordable, and works for me like high-end/more expensive products I've used.

Soft feeling hair I absolutely love this product. I found it sold together for one price and bought it a few months back and been buying it ever since. It makes my hair feel and smell so clean and it feels super soft that I just want to run my fingers through my own hair. I highly recommend it.

Love this We use this shampoo alot. It keeps your hair sleek and shiny. I really like this shampoo. Smells great.

Gives me smooth and shiny hair This is one the best hair products I've ever used for my hair. The shampoo and the conditioner together. Specially the conditioner leaves my hair feeling very soft and smooth.

Decent drugstore products Definitely decent drugstore hair care . If you need to use a non expensive product this is the way to go. It helped my frizzy unmanageable hair . I always need to comb through my hair in the shower with gobs of conditioner in it and this allows me to combs through with ease. Plus it's a reasonable price and not bad ingredients

L'Oreal Shampoo for colored hair Really like how it makes my hair feel good since I color my hair. Doesn't dry my hair out and combs out good.

great shampoo & conditioner This is a great shampoo & conditioner. I would highly recommend these products to anyone. It really helps my hair

Healthier hair at an affordable price This has been my favorite shampoo/ conditioner for a while now. I have long color treated hair & this works perfect at helping hair thats in dire condition. It doesn't weigh me down but it provides moisture & leaves my hair feeling really healthy & bouncy. I've used other high end hair products & this works just as good, if not better. The ingredients in it (especially the conditioner) are the same ones in a lot of high end brands as well!

worth the money, good value when my hair is super dry and damaged, I reach for this product to make it more managable

Softens Hair Immediately I have curly, tendency-toward-dry hair, and I just LOVE the Elvive products, especially the conditioners. They smell great, go on beautifully, and immediately silken and soften hair. I think I've tried all the varieties, and I've liked them all. And, they are such a deal price-wise.