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  • Kriswill By  Kriswill    

    Decent drugstore products

    Definitely decent drugstore hair care . If you need to use a non expensive product this is the way to go. It helped my frizzy unmanageable hair . I always need to comb through my hair in the shower with gobs of conditioner in it and this allows me to combs through with ease. Plus it?s a reasonable price and not bad ingredients

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  • mlk777 By  mlk777    

    L'Oreal Shampoo for colored hair

    Really like how it makes my hair feel good since I color my hair. Doesn't dry my hair out and combs out good.

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  • RosesRred601 By  RosesRred601    

    great shampoo & conditioner

    This is a great shampoo & conditioner. I would highly recommend these products to anyone. It really helps my hair

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  • Hawkswin8819 By  Hawkswin8819    

    Healthier hair at an affordable price

    This has been my favorite shampoo/ conditioner for a while now. I have long color treated hair & this works perfect at helping hair thats in dire condition. It doesn't weigh me down but it provides moisture & leaves my hair feeling really healthy & bouncy. I've used other high end hair products & this works just as good, if not better. The ingredients in it (especially the conditioner) are the same ones in a lot of high end brands as well!

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    worth the money, good value

    when my hair is super dry and damaged, I reach for this product to make it more managable

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  • englishprof By  englishprof    

    Softens Hair Immediately

    I have curly, tendency-toward-dry hair, and I just LOVE the Elvive products, especially the conditioners. They smell great, go on beautifully, and immediately silken and soften hair. I think I've tried all the varieties, and I've liked them all. And, they are such a deal price-wise.

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  • Workers7 By  Workers7    

    Loreal Products

    I truly love. These products makes your hair very soft it aides in the collagen and protein areas of your hair. It really is a deep conditioner its very important to deep condition your hair regularly. Many people need to add protein in their daily regime.

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  • mebnme By  mebnme    

    I have dry course frizzy hair, and alot of it! did not see any results from this product.

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  • luna33 By  luna33    


    Great inexpensive hair care like the different formulas depending on your hair type. Very easy to find at stores and they usually have coupons in the sunday paper so you can get this for a decent price !

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  • Mgirll By  Mgirll    

    So good!

    I bought this 8 months ago and just ran out of shampoo and my conditioner is good to go for a few more months. I love most Loreal products anyway but I love how this set is very affordable, good and how it leaves my hair super soft. Definitely recommend!

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  • brownrita641966 By  brownrita641966    

    Great Shampoo

    Recently tried the shampoo and it is wonderful. Leaves hair feeling so soft and manageable.

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  • andiee147 By  andiee147    

    Favorite shampoo and conditioner

    This exact shampoo and conditioner are the ones I have at home. I love how it makes my hair feel-soft and full of life. It adds a nice natural volume and it also smells amazing. I've used this shampoo for well over a year and a half now, which is a good sign. Every other shampoo I've gotten before this, I've had to change because they've made my hair either too greasy or too dry. L'oreal is a very good brand. There are many other options for this brand, and the purpose for each is labeled in the front of each bottle. I have gotten two other friends to buy these, and they like them as well. I highly recommend it!

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  • MommaBuresh77 By  MommaBuresh77    

    Total Repair 5 is an amazing line of products. I put my hair through a pretty torturous routine every day with blow drying, styling, and 90% of the time it ending up in a ponytail. Since I switched, my breakage has been almost non-existent, hair is smoother, and has a shine I only see immediately after coloring.

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  • Sparkly11 By  Sparkly11    

    This is one of the few that makes my hair feel so soft

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  • gillumj1 By  gillumj1    

    Must have!

    Love how soft and full this shampoo makes my hair. Plus this smell is to die for!

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