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  • lilyblossom By  lilyblossom    

    Cleanses well and smells great. Kind of like flowers and sweetness. Makes my skin feel alive again.

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  • noelwuvsyou By  noelwuvsyou    

    When i used it. it made my skin smooth and soft. made it feel clean.. but it didnt clear up my acne

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  • mlarias93 By  mlarias93    

    I did not really see any significant difference with the product and the scrubbing pad was not great either. Did not get the entire clean feeling.

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  • NBgirl By  NBgirl    

    I like this product! it worked good for my face and didnt leave my face feeling dry afterward. Not too bad a price either!

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  • basilandcatnip By  basilandcatnip    

    I have the blue one for sensitive. Love the little scrubber it's fun, gets my face clean without turning it red or pulling on skin like a wash cloth or other face cloth can (though it is a tad hard to hang onto the really soft, flexible handle once it's wet) and it's great for getting rid of the dry flakey skin in your eyebrows in the winter time. Love the bottle, the scrubber fits right inside so it never gets lost and stays clean. First few times I used the product I did get those single painful lump pimples that never comes to a head. Did get the make up off. Though product is very salty and tends to easily get into my eyes and mouth, I've never had this issue before with any facial products. I would buy this again just for the bottle and the scrubber. I might try a different type in the line though, I think they have 4 varieties of the 360.

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  • McGee921 By  McGee921    

    I have super sensitive skin and have had no problems with the blue one for sensitive skin.. It is effective and gentle enough to remove eye makeup too! The scrubbet works great and the wash does not dry out my skin or cause breakouts. I LOVE this product!!!

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  • murphnm By  murphnm    

    Bought this product for my daughter. We love that it has a little scrubbie & that it is very compact. We bought the sensitive skin cleanser & we are having great results!

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  • Vidaxylia By  Vidaxylia    

    I started using this product about a month ago. I was sucked into buying it (the cream cleanser in the pink packaging) by the scrublet. I really like that the scrublet can be stored in the body of the bottle and has a suction cup on the back which is quite convenient. The scrublet has two sections. One side with longer "fingers" and a small patch with bumps instead of the fingers. The scrublet does a good job of gently exfoliating the skin and really lathering up the cleanser to remove the makeup and dirt on my face. I have oily, acne prone skin and this definitely helps control the oil but it is sometimes too drying for my skin. I only use it at night and always use a good moisturizer after. It has a pleasant small and leaves your skin tingling and fresh.

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  • tina30219 By  tina30219    

    I like these I have 3 of them different colors/varieties . My problem is I used it everyday and it dried my skin out and made my skin red and blotchy so I had to quit using it.

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  • Shelly128p By  Shelly128p    

    I really like this product, but it didnt give me that 'clean feeling' i get with most products. and the scrubber was a little weird to use around the nose area. im glad it didnt dry out my skin :)

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  • gr8belief By  gr8belief    

    I LOVE this product. The texture of the scrubber is so soft yet thorough. I use the sensitive skin one. The other formulas seemed to have harsher ingredients. What's in the sensitive skin formula looks like it would be good for ALL skin types, and gentle too. I bought 3 bottles the other day because I was afraid it would disappear after its introduction!!

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  • evol99 By  evol99    

    When I heard that this product came with a little scrubber referred to as a ?scrublet? I laughed?but now I am just in love. I thought it was pretty smart packaging to include a hole in the pack where you can store your ?scublet? but what I discovered in my shower made it even better. The back of it [the part you hold between your fingers] basically works like a suction cup?I just suction mine on to the bottle rather than put it back into the hole. I think that that is something that may just be an accident but it made me happy?it is the little things. The tiny scrubbers are pleasant on the skin and since I have some dry areas I like to think that is gently exfoliating them away. The cream cleanser is very nice as well it has a slight tingle to it and with my sensitive skin it works really well?not overly drying or harsh. It also smells good and makes my skin look and feel nice. Over all I really like this product, some one at work mentioned to me that I could just use any cleanser with my ?scrublet? now that I have one, it is a good idea to hang onto it but I have to say I really do like the cleanser.

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