LEGO Lego Bricks & More 221 Piece Tub

LEGO Lego Bricks & More 221 Piece Tub

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I absolutely love Legos but they are so pricey. We would buy them way more often if they didn't cost so much.

What's not to like about legos? Nothing that I can think of. All of my kids love them. I love the fact they can use their own imagination to create anything they wish. A great toy for any time!

This is a great learning tool for children.

I got the pink tub for my daughter. What kid doesn't like legos? These make a great gift for any child. My daughter can spend hours messing with her legos, making new things, and showing me her creations.

Great for creative play. They are a pain to clean up, but we do a clean up song to get through it quickly!

Love it

These Legos are easy for little hands to manipulate. Both my 6 and 2 year old love to play with these. I love the storage bin that comes with it. It allows you to be neat not only in storing them but playing with them as well.

Love the fact that this one comes in a box for the legos it makes it convenient, faster clean up, and more important it makes it a better present!

My son and daughter plays with these Legos. The Legos are easy to attach and my kids build all kids of things. I always buy other sets.

My son got these whenever he was 3. It was a great starter set and it teaches you to build several different things. I love that it has its own storage and there is enough room that more legos can be stored in the same container. I see so many lego sets that I would like to buy for him, but man some are soo expensive! I loved legos when I was little and my parents still have ours at their house for the grand-kids to play with they come visit. Hopefully I can get him some more sets so he can build all kinds of cool stuff!

All my children love Legos. They have been a constant toy In my house for 17 years. My teenagers still play with Legos with Their younger siblings ( sh don't tell anyone). My only complaint is that I wish some of the specialty sets were priced lower. I have one son and four daughters and they have all played with Legos so it is not a gender specific toy which is nice. I am glad they started offering girl colors though my girls like them a lot.

My friend purchase this for her son and the pieces was all over the floor and under the bed!

Lego is always a high quality building kit! I give Lego as gifts and the are always a big hit!

We love Lego's! As a homeschool family, this has so many uses in our lives. We can use it for math, science, etc. We even attend a Lego club! It is such a wonderful product that encourages creativity in our children. Our home wouldn't be without them.

These Lego tubs are great. We bought one for my 8-year old son and what we love about it is that he can build anything he can imagine. It's not like the kits where you're supposed to build just one thing. These can be used over and over and such an easy cleanup to throw them all back into the tub.