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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 06, 2014

Zipporah Sandler AKA Zippy is a lifestyle and travel specialist who after living everywhere from Providence to Paris found herself suddenly residing in South Florida (something she swore she’d never do). She’s a retired actress/dancer who’s appeared on television, Broadway, and has also owned and operated highly successful restaurants in Providence and Newport, RI. Zippy knows that indulgence takes on many forms and that taking the time to treat yourself well is the backbone of all Champagne Living Media sites. Her Champagne Living site is determined to bring back the art of joie de vivre by offering articles on how to break free of the day-to-day and live the life you always imagined. She spends her days looking for products that make you feel like you’ve living in luxury, destinations that you’ll take with you long after you’ve left and musings on the little things that create a big life. We caught up with her to find out more about her life and here is what we found out, in her own words.
Where you can find me on social media: Twitter - Facebook - Google + - YouTube
I live…Just North of the Palm Beach area on the Treasure Coast, where there are beautiful secluded beaches hidden by dunes. I can take my dog Clem walking on the beach & then settle in as the sun goes down with a glass of wine & the sounds of the waves.
My niche is…I'm a lifestyle blogger, but travel is my specialty.
I started blogging in…September of 2008. A friend of mine (Wendy of Sweetie's Sweeps) and I were talking and we decided to BOTH start blogging. In the early days we really helped each other as we had very different talents. 
I write when…I need to have a creative outlet.  I was an actress, dancer, etc. and writing is my current outlet.  I tried not working in creative areas, but was never really happy. I write my best in the early mornings and evening.
How blogging has changed my life…This is the FIRST time I'm telling this story. I had been in a terrible accident & was told that I wouldn't walk again. I could no longer work and was forced into retirement. After seven years of surgeries & physical therapy (and my background in dance therapy), you'd never know that I had a disability. BUT, with all of that work over I found myself without a focus in my life, as I had spent all of those years working on being able to walk, and I could no longer do the job that I loved. Blogging gave me a new outlet and a new focus. Without it I have no idea WHAT I would have done.
Coffee or tea: Coffee - especially espresso - I'll take an Americano or Café Allongé to go, please.
Where I work: I have an office, but I'm often writing from a hotel room on the road.
How I see the future of blogging/social media…  Right now social media is very conversational. Within the next year or so, it will be come more video based and live. You'll see more of the hangout style, where we can see each other's faces & hear voices via social media. It's that personal connection that people really want. As the generations age there will be less focus on the mom blog, as this first wave's children will be older. I already see more of my generation (baby boomers) and seniors coming to the forefront. We are the second largest group of bloggers and becoming larger and stronger. I was amazed at the turnout for the AARP conference this year; it was so much larger than BlogHer.
I am connected…More often than I'd like.
My favorite gadget is: A pencil and paper. I’m a list maker and someone who writes on the go. While I write on my computer most of the time, when I get “stuck” a paper and pencil seem to help. It also allows me to sketch things that I see, and to poke papers between the pages to remind me of where I’ve been (a flyer, a postcard, a receipt from a great dinner) to go along with the photos that I take. 

I do all my shopping…When I travel. I love finding unusual items to bring home, to wear, or as gifts.
A brand I have loved working with…. I’m not sure that I have any favorite. I love so many of the brands that I work with, as each has it’s own story to tell and I get to weave tales into my own life using them.
My favorite clothing brand is…I don’t have one particular brand that I love, with the exception of Carla Mancini handbags right now.  I love mixing and matching things that I find at Target with those that I pick up in my travels.  I do however LOVE a good bargain (as long as it’s a good value as well).
When I’m stressed… I go out for great Italian food. I grew up in a primarily Italian neighborhood, and for me it’s comfort food.
My favorite movie: This is going to be tough because I review a lot of movies (I just returned from my second years at Sundance). I’d have to say that my favorites are the old The Thin Man movies with William Powell, Myrna Loy and Asta the dog. They depict a lifestyle that I enjoy writing about, and they’re fun, funny and timeless.  The movie that had the most IMPACT on me was A Clockwork Orange, as I’m a huge Stanley Kubrick fan. His adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ book was remarkable.
My favorite TV shows: I have a secret obsession with The Real Housewives franchises.
I dream about…. Travel...always travel.
My travel destination is…. Paris. I lived in the city MANY years ago and taught American Modern Dance there. I try to get back often. On a recent press trip I fell in love with Barcelona, so I’ll be going soon. I’ve traveled most of my life, and as a blogger have been lucky enough to continue to travel. I probably visit 5 or 6 countries each year.
What else I do: I work with Rachel Ferrucci at The Brand Connection doing social media strategy and I’m writing a book co-authored with Ava Rogers.
Where you can find my writing: I’ve written on my two blogs Champagne Living and The Review Broads. I also pen a column on Puritan’s Prides Healthy Perspectives, The Smart Beauty Guide and Marriott’s Florida Buzz. I’ve written for Crave Local, Better Homes & Gardens, and many online magazines and sites.
I love…. Working with my son who writes The Gin Joint on Champagne Living.  He’s a creative like myself, and it’s always fun to listen to a younger male perspective on the same subjects. I’m lucky that I get to surround myself with a group of highly creative people who are supportive, honest, and fun. My relationships both personal and professional are the most important part of what I do. 
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emimorgan by emimorgan | Pittsford, NY
Mar 06, 2014

Zippy, you're a rock star - really enjoyed hearing more about your background!

AnnSheSpeaks by AnnSheSpeaks | Maplewood, NJ
Mar 06, 2014

I always knew I like Zippy but now I like her even MORE! This interview was very interesting to read, a real pleasure!

jerseygirl1 by jerseygirl1 | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Mar 06, 2014

I love that you still use pencil and paper. Even in this gadget-filled word, I'm also still a big fan of making lists on paper. It will always be a classic!

candypo by candypo | Fort Huachuca, AZ
Mar 06, 2014

Zippy is one of those bloggers that through reading her posts and watching her videos, you want to be friends with her. I had the luck of meeting her in person and she's even better in person! I feel fortunate to have connected with such an amazing person and blogger.

zipporahs by zipporahs | FORT PIERCE, FL
Mar 06, 2014

LOL - Thanks to SheSpeaks for cleaning up my mess... You guys are the best. THAT is why I don't do speaking engagements. I'm even WORSE when I'm talking.

Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Mar 06, 2014

I love your blog and oooooo, those Carla handbags get me everytime too! Thanks for all the fun and inspiration that livin in luxury provides - and even moreso for the intelligence you bring! I have to agree with the commenter above that when it comes to a great blog - you're the one to look up to!

Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Mar 06, 2014


zipporahs by zipporahs | FORT PIERCE, FL
Mar 06, 2014

OMG - thank you for this feature. Although it says that Ben writes for The "GIP" Joint and it's really The "Gin" Joint - I need an editor, even for quotes. LOL

hollyshespeaks by hollyshespeaks | LARCHMONT, NY
Mar 06, 2014

Zippy is an inspiration. I love hearing her story of how she got into blogging and turned it into something so successful.

didama by didama | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Mar 06, 2014

Love Zippy's blog! Travel sounds like one of the most exciting things to blog about!