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  • goodgollymissgaga By  goodgollymissgaga    


    I got this as a free birthday gift from Sephora and I'm not sure I'd purchase it by itself. It smells nice but I don't think it does much and it's quite sticky. I got one from amazon for Christmas for probably half the price that works much better

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  • cierramaeg By  cierramaeg    

    Good, but glorified

    I really like this product and it works well for me. However, it really is a glorified lip balm. Its a little bit thinner than vaseline and tastes and smells really good. but if you're on a budget, vaseline/aquaphor gets the job done the same way

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  • SkincareJen19 By  SkincareJen19    

    Ehh ok

    Overall I think this is a decent lip balm but as for overnight mask maybe not so much. I felt like it absorbed by the time I was in bed and found myself reapplying the product before actually falling asleep. I'd recommend for a day time use product but maybe not for a night time lip mask. I do like that it comes in all different types of scents and they all smell good in my opinion.

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  • allie-kat By  allie-kat    

    To me, this is just okay. I don?t really get the hype to be honest. Yes, it smells good, but I don?t really notice any super hydrating effects from it. It feels very sticky on my lips. I don?t know if I am using it wrong or if I should put something under it, and use it more as a occlusive to get better results, but by itself, it is nothing special. I would prefer regular chapstick over this. It?s much more affordable and doesn?t feel sticky.

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