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  • Maehem By  Maehem    


    LA COLORS Basecoat/Topcoat dries quickly & clear. It dries thin which can be a blessing if your using it to seal the color but if your looking to thicken your nail, you need to use 3 or more coats.

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  • SydneyMichelle789 By  SydneyMichelle789    

    I have a few LA Colors and with a few coats it works just fine! You cannot beat the price.

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    L.a. colors has great nail polishes I own every color but this product is horrible yes it was only a dollar but this is just bad

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  • kuananysha By  kuananysha    

    I have found better but it works

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  • cfaragalla54 By  cfaragalla54    

    i searched so long for a base coat/top coat that wouldn't break the bank. i was at dollar tree once and found it so i thought what the heck i'll try it out. if it works, great! if it doesn't, well it was only a buck. i think it works with most nail polishes brands but sadly not all of them. it does work for me and i would gladly buy it again.

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  • autumnabs By  autumnabs    

    I would not even bother with this one. This has to be the worst product I have ever put on my nails. No matter what brand or kind of nail polish I used with it, after applying the top coat it all just peels right off.

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  • Mewpeepmew By  Mewpeepmew    

    This topcoat leaves air bubbles and smears all of my nail art no matter how long I let my nails dry. Disappointed.

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  • BlushingBeauty By  BlushingBeauty    

    This basecoat/topcoat is the best! The quality is great, especially considering the price! I'd definitely repurchase.

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  • cutetigerlover By  cutetigerlover    

    It don't cost a lot of money and the product actually works good and they have many but not all colors.

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  • SiLvEr-StArS By  SiLvEr-StArS    

    For a Nail polish that is not that much $$$ II can honesly say that this polish works is pretty good. Goes on thick & does stay on for a while. And they have Awsum Shades.

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  • justrenea By  justrenea    

    This product is great as both top and base coat. It is also wonderful alone if you are wanting a more natural look. Awesome product for low cost. Will purchase again and again.

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