L'Oreal Paris Superior PreferenceŽ Glam Lights GL50 Medium Brown to Dark Brown

L'Oreal Paris Superior PreferenceŽ Glam Lights GL50 Medium Brown to Dark Brown

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Amazing I honestly think this product is amazing it actually does it job and the color look so stunning

The colour is kinds cool, I saved it especially for our trip to Japan. However, it doesn't do anything to the white hair which makes the end result a bit strange.....

I was so excited when I received my L-Oreal Paris Superior Preference Glam Lights medium brown to dark brown shade, just in time before spring, thanks to She speaks for giving me this opportunity to try this product and review it! Coloring hair at home definitely saves salon costs but requires knowledge of some basic coloring skills too. I have pretty long hair so next time I will divide my hair into 3 sections. It took a little practice to get used to the application process. The scary part for me was the little brush but I was static with that, after all that was all I had to use. The instructions on the box mentioned not to wash my hair before coloring, hence I was debating whether or not to wash my hair because my hair is wavy so instead of washing I just combed it out before I put on the highlights and I was wrong even though I combed it out it wasn't easy for me to apply the color. So if anyone has wavy or curly hair I suggest to straighten your hair one or two days before and use this product on your wash day. I think that would do a lot of difference on the way the comb will go through your hair. I started out a little heavy near my roots and had a difficult time reaching the back of my hair while still keeping the applicator brush vertical. This is the only reason for not giving it 5 stars! Otherwise, I love the color, glam, volume and shine it gave to my hair enhancing my overall appearance!!

This was my first time using an at home highlight kit. I was very nervous and afraid I would mess up. The directions were very clear. It was very easy to use. I liked the way that it made my hair look. It was natural looking but still obvious that there was highlights. I will definitely be buying this again when I need to re-do them.

Shespeaks gave me the opportunity to try L'oreal Paris Superior Perference - Glam Lights for medium to dark brown hair for free. I think its a fairly simple yet messy application. First when I mixed the ingredients, not all would mix properly. The bleach powder was difficult to get all the way mixed in. Oh when opening the packet, do not cut the whole line off, it will spill everywhere.After getting it mixed, then came the application. The brush was really weird to use. Your supposed to keep it vertical. Going behind the head was a little difficult for me: ask for help if you can. The brush I think is also best suited for shorter hair when doing it alone.The cr�me going on seemed to clump a little .I didn't leave it on for the full time either. My hair started to look blonde in spots, so I quickly rinsed. It didn't turn blonde. Thank goodness. Then I applied the shampoo and it smelled great.my hair felt great. So the results were a brassiness much lighter brown color. and a little blotchy.It almost looked like I did an all over color, except on my roots. Didn't expect that. So I will definitely have to pass on using the highlighting system again.My hair highlights naturally in the sun anyway. I guess if someone were there to help apply, then I would recommend it. Otherwise probably not.

Ihave been wanting to get highlights in my hair for many years now, but never wanted to pay the salon prices. And I wasn't brave enough to try a home box color because I have an ombre style currently and was afraid I would mess it up, or I would ruin my hair. I was excited to try this product because it seemed it would be a perfect match with my ombre. I made sure my hair was not freshly clean, free of other product, brushed. When I did the test patch on the underside of my hair, I initially thought it was turning out nicely and proceeded to use it throughout my hair. As a person with thick wavy hair, the brush did pull, it did encounter many snags and snarls, it did get clogged with hair quickly. I also noticed that if a concentrated glob did not get dispersed, I was left with a blonde dot. That's what made me panic. I checked the test area again, and I was left with a blonde streak. Immediately I began washing it out, desperately trying to prevent golden blond dots and streaks in my hair. Once my hair was dry I realized that my hair wasn't badly affected. In fact, where I thought I had blonde streaks and dots, instead were lighter shades of brown, caramel, and red. While it truly was not what I wanted, it did not appear to ruin my original color. From this test I've learned that i am not comfortable using home dying kits, or at least the highlights. I also would highly recommend for this to work well with anyone's hair, instead of using the provided brush, I would use an actual salon style highlighting brush. That way the product gets more evenly distributed and it looks more salon quality.

Shespeaks gave me an awesome opportunity to try and review a product by L'oreal Paris. I tried the L'oreal Paris Preference- Glam Lights for Medium to Dark Brown Hair. The mix was decently easy to mix but it still seemed 'chunky' after mixing. I had a bit of an 'oops' when opening the packet, but thankfully was right over the mixing bowl. My hair was WAY TOO LONG and WAY TOO THICK to try this. I needed probaby about 3 packets. I was able to brush the mixture through the top 1/3 of my hair. When it came to rinse, I felt it washed out fairly well. Upon drying I noticed it didn't get my roots so I look like I need a touch up, and I tried very hard to get close to my roots, also neighboring hair turned 'leopard like' getting splotches on them. This is definitely not as clean or neat as highlights via cap or foils for sure! The color wasn't much different from some of my own tones, it was a soft muted, light brown. I didn't see definitive highlights. I don't know that I would go this route for highlights in the future and I have already thought about finding an all over color that is closest to my color to 'reset' this experiment. I wanted to have a bit of a spring look, I am so depressed looking at 2 feet of snow and more on the way, but this wasn't my ray of sunshine. I would and will probably seek out the L'oreal Paris hair color line, there was no overly obnoxious smell and my hair felt good post coloring/bleaching. I wish I could recommend this and maybe it would work for thin, short hair people.

L'Oreal, I love you more! After being selected to participate in the Superior Preference Glam Lights GL50 by L'Oreal program, I was all at once anxious, nervous, apprehensive and excited! My mom was here and was my assistant, but this is definitely something you can do on your own. My natural hair color is a very dark brown, almost black in spots, but chestnut in others so I must admit I was nervous as to how these Glam Lights would take to my hair.I thought the steps to prepare the product were very easy and not very time consuming. I did not care for the smell of the product during preparation, but that belachy smell did not last nor overwhelm me during coloring or after cleansing it out. Application was fast and relatively easy. It took a minute to figure out how to fully load the applicator brush, but after that it was smooth sailing. It took one stroke to figure out how much pressure was needed to get a good cover. After covering my whole head, I left the product on for the full 45 minutes and I think, due to the dark nature of my natural color, that was the perfect amount of time. At first, I wasn't sure how it was going to look but after washing, drying and styling - I am hooked! I cannot believe how natural the highlights look. I truly feel glamorous! This is an easy way to change my hair, without anything too drastic. I was skeptical since there were only three shades to choose from, and we all know how many hair colors exist in this world.I'm no professional but I think this product is easy enough for anyone to apply, short hair, long hair, blonde hair, black hair - this is definitely SOMETHING for everyone! I will definitely turn to Glam Lights for any time, I really love the results. (I do have to note that after drying and styling my hair, I did a reapplication because I was so pleased with how Glam my hair turned out, so I got a little creative to really concentrate on a few sections of hair underneath!) Glam Lights-you are DEFINITELY for me!

I was given the opportunity to try the Loreal Glam Lights by SheSpeaks. I have colored my hair before at home, but not by myself. Someone else has done it for me. Also, it's been over 10 years since I've had my hair colored. I went ahead and did it myself this time. I actually liked the gloves that were provided. They didn't stick to my skin or bunch up in areas. The product itself didn't smell too bad during use. I wasn't really sure how much product to apply to the brush. There really wan't any info on this. I followed the directions as stated and applied light pressure at the roots and more pressure throughout and at the ends. I even reapplied color to my longer strands of hair that I felt didn't get enough. I parted my hair as usual (which I wish I hadn't) and applied the product to my roots starting at that part. I did lift my hair up so that I could apply product underneath (the instructions said to do so since I have a lot of hair). The only problem with this application is that if I were my hair up, which I do daily at work (I work with children), the right side of my head has no highlights, it's just my natural brown. I think if I had parted my hair in the middle the highlights would have been better distributed. As for the color it is totally brassy at my roots. I don't like it at all. I only left the product in for 25, maybe 30, minutes. The rest of my hair has golden highlights which I do like. I wore my hair in a braid and the braid itself looks great, but the top of my head makes me sad. I guess I still applied too much to the roots although it had the less amount of product and the least amount of pressure. I wouldn't recommend the product. Simple. No one has said they like my hair. My sons are the first with compliments and all I've gotten so far is stares and a crack of a smile when they see me notice. I was really hoping my hair would have turned out better. The picture of the girl on the box is amazing, but not realistic in my opinion.

I haven't colored my hair in almost a decade but some grays have been coming in so when I saw these fabulous high lights, I figured now was a good time to try them out and get a new pretty color for spring! I was super nervous about trying out highlights at home, as I've never done it before, but after reading through the directions, it seemed like it couldn't be any easier. Application was easy and fast. I did have a hard time keeping a light hand at my roots and did struggle to get a little more application to the ends of my hair, so I had to double dip a few times to make sure I was getting color evenly distributed throughout my hair. I also love that you can see where you applied and it dries that way when you leave it on, so you can go back and touch up if you need to before rinsing and washing. I did notice it dries faster on the ends, so I did apply a bit much to my ends but It still came out looking great. I also may have gone a little heavy on top near the roots, but once I washed, blow-dried, and straightened my hair, I was immediately in love! I was also impressed with how much this really did lighten up my medium brown hair! I didn't leave my highlights on the whole time for the lightest application, but cut it short about 10 minutes, and it was perfect! I found my highlights were a bit chunkier than what you see on the box, but I love it. It's fun and really lightened up my hair a bunch! The color is a fun pop of dark blonde, and I'm loving how much it has really lightened up my whole look and face! My hair looks perfect for a spring update and I loved that this covered up some grays for me too! If you love bold highlights, you will also be impressed with just how bold you're highlights can really be with this highlighting kit! I absolutely love this highlighting kit and it will certainly be using it again in the future! It is easy to use, and gives you a really great application and really lovely color!

I was TERRIFIED to try this product. I have never colored my hair at home and have only had my hair professionally highlighted once. After reading that you have to keep the brush vertical I knew this was not a one person job. No way I would be able to do the back of my hair. My husband offered to help and I reluctantly accepted. Overall it was easy to use (as long as you have help). I left it in for about 30 minutes because I didn't want it to be to drastic of a change. I almost cried when I first saw it because one side was more highlighted then the other. However when I adjusted my part it looked better. I may have to do some touch ups closer to the roots if this new part doesn't cooperate. My 13 year old daughter liked it so It couldn't have been that bad. I decided to see how it looked if I curled my hair. It looked so much better (this is the pic I have shared). But it is so time consuming and not ideal for everyday. I need to see how it looks in a pony tail since this is how I wear it 75% of the time because I am a Zumba instructor. While this turned out better than I expected, I think I will leave my hair color alone. My natural brown is pretty and gets highlights during the summer.

I received a complimentary sample of LOreal Paris Glam Lights GL50 Medium Brown to Dark Brown to test and review. The following opinions are 100% honest and were formed through personal testing. ?I thought that LOreal Paris Glam Lights was very easy to use. You really do just load the product onto the included brush and brush it straight down along your hair. It was easy enough to apply to my hair myself. I do recommend sectioning your hair into 4 sections and applying it to the underneath layer first, then the top. The comb/brush did tend to pull my hair and had some hair in it when I was finished. It was minimal. The smell was that of any highlight/bleach kit but wasn't overpowering It looked pretty blond so I didn't leave it on the maximum amount of time, only the minimum, and my hair did have some brassiness to it so I purchased a shampoo that helps with the brassiness and my hair looks great! After applying the highlights I went to the stylist to have my hair cut. The stylist who cut my hair said I did a great job highlighting my hair and that the color was nice and even and full of dimension! I would probably use this product again. I think due to the caramel highlights, next time I would leave it on my hair the maximum amount of time allowed instead of the minimum.

This is my first time doing in home highlights. I was super excited to get the opportunity to try this product out. Doing my own at home sounded like fun and I wanted to try something new. ?This was super easy!! Great instructions come with it. Easy to understand and very detailed. It's very easy to mix the product together. I absolutely love the applicator brush it comes with. I had a friend of mine there to help (to make sure everything was being done right considering it was my first time doing this). It was super easy to apply. I didn't like the waiting part LOL, but it was much better than the waiting if you would have gotten this done in a salon. The estimated waiting time was 25 to 45 minutes depending on how light you wanted them. At 17 minutes left, I washed out the mixture. It was easy to wash out. I now have blonde in my hair and I love it. It just depends on how light you want them. Not sure how long it will last in your hair. I would recommend this for an easy at home and INEXPENSIVE way to highlight your hair! I will definitely be getting this when it finally washes out. ?I appreciate the opportunity to try and review this product!

I received this product free from sheaspeak for test. This product is Easy to use. Nice smell . But don't think even this shade it will go blonde, I'm mid brown & on that it went ginger! But bought a good anti-brassiness & now looks just like I wanted. Over all I would rate this 8/10 - it's very easy to use but only loosing marks for the slightly brassy colour.

I was so excited to have a change! I tried the product, and I must say it was very easy to apply. I made the mistake of doing it in an unventilated area and whew was that smell strong! I like the way that it highlighted my hair. I left it on f or 30 minutes, I would suggest for darker hair, do the full 45 because I did not get the lightness that I had expected. But the highlights do blend well with my natural color and I like the way that they shine. Thank you LOreal and #shespeaks for the product testing opportunity! I will recommend to friends looking for a change at an affordable price!