L'Oreal Paris Superior PreferenceŽ GL90 Light Blond to Medium Blond

L'Oreal Paris Superior PreferenceŽ GL90 Light Blond to Medium Blond

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L'Oreal Preference I just used this today. I have been coloring my hair for many years. L'Oreal seems to do a good job. It covers evenly and my hair remains soft. It also gives my hair body.

It is okay at coloring hair but box dyes dry your hair out no matter what.

Been coloring my hair for ages. This is decent stuff doesn't leave my hair feeling like straw and color lasts looking fresh fairly well

I loved the ease of use of this product! This was my first try ever, dying my own hair. It was super easy to do! However, the brush didn't allow the product to spread all the way to the tips of my hair, and left clumps. Also, you have to follow the directions precisely, and that was easy since it was shown in pictures. I honestly love the product, and would definitely recommend it... It's just the brush that took a little work getting used to. Once you get used to it, it's very easy to use.

I was very excited when I saw the concept and couldn't wait to try it. But when I opened it my excitement started to fad. I really thought it was a dye to cover my entire head and not just high lighting. I KNEW it did highlight but I didn't know that's all it did. So that was on thing I was disappointed in. Then the kit contained a powder to mix. Which that was a big disappointment as well considering the powder was hard to pour precisely in the bottle. So that resulted in half of it being spilled all over the ground. The brush was not at all impressive either it was very awkward to use. The instructions say go light on roots but this difficult to do. I will confess my husband (he does my hair) simply gave up on the brush and started applying the color straight to my hair. I was TERRIFIED to say the least but I did need a color, my roots were growing out. So I figured the worse that could happen was I would need to correct the color. ?So I waited 30 minutes in fear of leaving it too long. ?So I jumped in the shower to wash out the dye and my husband's face was not encouraging at all when he saw my hair. He said my hair looked like hyena hid. Yeah I was excited to see it after that. But once I blow dried and styled my hair it looked amazing! I was VERY shocked to say the least. The color took well to my entire head and I do have a combination of colors. Including highlights and lowlights so it looks very close to natural. ?I would NEVER recommend using a product outside of the recommended use but in this case it worked out for the best. I was given a box of this complimentary for review purposes and I will probably never buy this product.. I would not recommend it to friends because for it's intended purposes it does not work. BUT I did give it 2 stars because my hair looks awesome.

The good: - the application brush is very simple/straightforward to use -the highlight effects can be subtle or dramatic depending upon your preferences (I used a light hand when applying and only kept it on for 25 minutes before washing it out) -the shampoo included in the box is fantastic (moisturizing without weighing my hair down, which is quite a feat) The bad: -the bottle clogged constantly, and I think I was pretty fastidious about mixing it properly -keeping the gloves on while washing your hair isn't the easiest thing to do The end result: I'd just colored my hair prior to using the highlights and my hair was orange-ish (new color that I won't be trying again!)...I've uploaded a before & after photo that I took in the same room/same lighting/same section of my hair (no filters, of course, in the interest of being totally fair for the review), and after the highlights, that brassy color is gone from all of my hair - not just the highlighted parts. To me, that's worth buying all of the boxes of highlights. I'm not sure if I care about having highlights, but that's personal preference. If you like highlights, this is a great option, just be prepared to deal with the clogged bottle.

All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!! I have such dark hair that usually when I dye my hair, it doesn't lighten up very much. However, with the L'Oreal Paris Glam Lights my hair went from dark brown to blonde in a matter of minutes. These are suppose to be used as highlights, but I used it as an all over hair color. I will say if you do this to be careful, that you may have to go back and touch it up to get the desired color. If you're doing highlights though like it's meant for, then it is super easy and you won't need to touch it up or have splotches. I love the little comb it comes with. I squeeze the formula into the comb and then comb it into my hair. It puts the color exactly where you want it. This doesn't even begin to compare to any other hair dye, including some of the one's L'Oreal has out now. It works and it works great! I also like that compared to others (that don't work but half way) this does not burn your hair one bit! As always though, I would recommend doing an allergy test. I will say though I have very sensitive skin, so I was impressed I had no issues with it whatsoever. I would HIGHLY recommend L'Oreal Paris Glam Lights, it will make your hair look amazing and make you feel beautiful!

I was able to test out the GlamLights home highlight kit as a free sample from SheSpeaks. I was really excited to try this. I love the look of highlights in my hair but because of the time and cost of going to the salon I do not have them done often. The directions included with the kit are easy to understand and follow. I do wish there was a better way to predict how long to leave it on your hair. I wasn't willing to cut hair and run the suggested test (spending 25-45 min highlighting the cut hair). I just picked a time in the range provided, 35 min, and hoped for the best. My original plan was to use the kit when I was home alone and surprise my husband, but after reading the instructions (and other reviewers comments) I decided that having someone around to help might be a good idea. I am glad that I waited. Although the applicator is easy to hold, the back of your hair is difficult to get the right angle. It was also difficult for me to adjust the pressure to keep it looking even from top to bottom. In the end my hair was lighter than when I started, but it wasn't a huge change. I think if I tried this kit again I would leave it on longer to get a lighter effect.

I'm sad to say that I was overall disappointed with this product. I love getting highlights and think they really make you look youthful; when SheSpeaks gave me the opportunity to review this product, I was all about it. However, it was not user friendly in my opinion. The results might have been different had I had help when applying this product, but I was by my lonesome. I found this to be extremely difficult to use on my hair by myself with only two hands. Not only did I keep getting the dye on my face while applying it (which I had to wipe off right away), but it was really chunky in some areas and really thin in some areas. I also got a glob on the back of my head by accident..thankfully this is just dye and it won't last forever. The concept is great and if I had more than two hands I feel the results would have been way different, however, I was overall not very impressed by the results. I did notice that some of the highlights looked very nice, but some were very streaky. I know that this is a cost-effective way to get highlights, but you're also compromising quality. I did upload before and after photos--unfortunately you can't tell much of a difference.

I was chosen to review the Light Blond to Medium Blond Glam Lights. After receiving it, I knew it wouldn't change my hair color much because my hair is very light already. I decided to try it on my daughters hair since she has always wanted highlights. Her hair had darkened up from her original natural blonde hair. The product was easy to use at first. It seemed like the comb was doing a good job until the hair started lightening. It only worked good for the first 3-4 inches from her scalp. The streaks thinned out and it was very difficult to get a uniform pattern with the 3-prong comb when I needed to add more product toward the ends. I ended up using my fingers and a rattail comb to pull up strands of hair to get them saturated. It did lighten up very quickly and the color turned out better than I thought it would. After it was dry, I cried because of what I had done to her hair. She was sooo bonde and it was a drastic change! I have gotten used to it now and everyone loves it. I think foil would be a much easier solution to getting highlights if you only want the top layer done. This would probably be great if you had very short hair.

I have tried many other hair coloring products from L'Oreal and have always liked it, but this product was quite the dud. First off, the gloves that came with the kit were awful and tore easily, I found it difficult to prepare the color while wearing the gloves as I had limited hand movement and they ripped easily. I found the powder to be difficult to place into the bottle and ended up losing some to my bathroom counter, which may explain the limited results I got from the entire process. Once I finally got the kit mixed up, application was a nightmare. Squirting bits of the mixture onto an oddly shaped comb and running that through my thick, curly hair was not an effective application system. The product did not distribute evenly on my hair and some parts got a thicker application and others had less product. It was hard to touch up the places that were uneven. I would have liked highlights in the back of my head by other than crossing my fingers and hoping for the best while blindly combing through random slices of hair, I am not sure how that would be possible. After the time was up I used the shampoo/conditioner to remove the product and found it to smell weird and to be a small amount to really work through all of my hair. It also left my hair really dried out. Honestly I am glad that the product didn't make much of a difference in the color of my hair- if it had lightened it any more I think errors with application would be more obvious. Though I love the idea of the easy and convenience of high lighting my hair at home, I think this is a service best left to the professionals.

rich color that lasts along time made my hair feel soft and smooth too.

I received this product for free to review from SheSpeaks. Here is a breakdown of my experience: Pros: -It really did a nice job of lightening my hair in nice highlights, I liked the end results. I have tried several products that just didn't lighten me hair, but this definitely did. -I have long, thick hair and there was enough product to thoroughly cover all areas I wanted to highlight -The three arm brush did make it easy to apply and I didn't have to worry about spacing each strand Cons: -I had a difficult time with the bottle/nozzle clogging and I had to cut off the tip and de-clog it several times before I could begin- that was frustrating -Using the comb on the back of my long hair was difficult, I had to end up asking for help. -I have noticed my hair feels a bit dried after applying. Overall, I did like the results and I don't know of another at-home products that works this well, so I will purchase again.

I got great results with this product that looked Very natural. The only thing i did not like was the application process. It wasnt as easy and simple as i thought. But that a side, I would purchase for the fabulous results.

I received the L'Oreal Paris Superior PreferenceŽ GL90 Light Blond to Medium Blond highlights kit from SheSpeaks to try for free and I was very excited about this product. I love having highlights in my hair and this seemed like a cool way to do them myself and save a little money. Although the product has great instructions and is pretty easy to use (it does help to have someone to lend a hand though) I am just not sure I got the effect I was hoping for. Maybe the color was a little too close to my hair color because my highlights were only slightly noticeable but I still really enjoyed this product. I will definitely give it another try when my hair is a bit darker blonde than it is right now. I will say it turned out a nice shiny blonde and not brassy at all which I was really glad about. I would recommend for the girl who likes to DIY at home and I was glad for the opportunity to try it out and will try it again!