L'Oreal Paris Superior PreferenceŽ GL70 Dark Blond to Light Brown

L'Oreal Paris Superior PreferenceŽ GL70 Dark Blond to Light Brown

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I love this product! I received this from Shespeaks.com to try and I am a loyal customer now! It was super easy, not too smelly, and worked perfectly!!! Applying it took some getting used to, but was super easy after getting the hang of it! They also did great on the instructions! It was so easy and took maybe and hour from start to finish!

This product was very easy to use, but.... My hair is dark brown and half my head has different color highlights. I will never to at home highlighting again!

I have to admit- I was pretty concerned with this highlighting kit at first, as I just dyed my hair to a light brown from a very light blonde. However, after the easy application (applicator was a bit tricky but I got the hang) I was pleasantly surprised at what the glam lights did to my hair! It added such a nice dimension, even when I was scared of turning any parts of my hair red (my eternal NIGHTMARE for those that know me -or have dyed my hair). My hair turned out looking very similar to what the girl on the box of the glam lights kit looked like. Lighter brown, with some warmer toned blonde, not brassy, and some lighter strands (the more I applied the lighter it was) if you get what I am saying. I give this kit 4 stars, as I also have very fine, thin, hair that's slightly over processed, and surprisingly, this product didn't damage it- in fact it almost AIDIED it in looking healthier by adding shine! I hope the sun continues to do the rest of the work on my hair as summer (slowly) approaches! Thank you Loreal for allowing me to be a part of this fun product test!! Hoping to be selected for more in the near future, as I am a lover , and passionate about all things beauty.

so simple to use and makes my hair look so very natural.

Sorry, I am not a fan and will be purchasing another hair color to correct what this product has done to my hair! I have dark blond hair. In the past I have highlighted it using paint on kits and the kind with the cap. I have also had it professionally done. I haven't had highlights for a couple years and six months ago colored my hair a slightly darker shade. I am just mentioning this because I have previously had good experiences with hair color both at home and a salon. Sadly, this was the worst I experienced so far... I carefully followed the directions and only left the dye on my hair for 15 minutes rather than the 25-30 minutes in the instructions. I found the bleach really bleached my hair much more than I expected and not always a pleasing color. Some of my hair is orange and some platinum. Since it was the kit for dark blond/light brown hair I expected more subtle highlights. But I think it was pure bleach rather than a pigmented hair color. The comb included in the kit has got to be the most awkward method I have used for highlights. You have to get it perfectly straight and I found it difficult to distribute the dye evenly. I think the learning curve is too steep especially with such a powerful bleach (I left it on half the suggested time and still was bleached too much). On the plus side, the color would be pretty if professionally applied and it is shiny. I have had success home coloring and home highlighting in the past, but not this time. I am embarrassed to leave the house. I just dried my hair and saw the results and am kind of upset. This is the first negative review I have written in a long time. It might be good if you want very light highlights, but I think there are other options that are easier to apply and more forgiving.

I was very excited to be chosen by She Speaks to try out and review this product. Unfortunately, it did not live up to expectations. I love getting highlights and looked forward to giving my hair a nice ""spring time"" touch up. I found this to be very difficult to use on my hair by myself. To start, 1 glove ripped right at the seam on the thumb, before I had my 2nd brush stroke through my hair. The product did not go on evenly. It was extremely difficult to try to get the back of my head. The brush is awkward. People don't normally take use their brush vertically when they brush. L'Oreal should have known this, and adjusted the brush before putting this on the market. The smell is AWFUL. My hair was getting clumpy and dry before I could finish getting highlights through out, which made it extremely difficult to comb through. I ended up having to stop and brush my hair several times during the process. I have never seen so much hair fall out of my head while dying/highlighting/washing my hair before. I was seriously scared for a few minutes. I was overall not very impressed by the results. I did upload pictures. My hair looks more like it was dyed, than highlighted. I do have somewhat, long hair. I think that this might be better suited for someone

I do not regularly color my hair, but I have in the past. I have never used an at home highlighting kit, so I was excited to try the L'Oreal Paris Glam Lights provided for free by SheSpeaks. I was very happy with my results. I have what I consider to be medium brown hair, and it provided just a little ""oompf."" I think this would be a good product for ladies who would like a lighter look during the spring and summer time. I thought the comb was easy to use, and the directions were very clear. I did have a little trouble getting the back of my head, but I used a hand mirror to be sure I was placing the highlights correctly. The only downside, in my opinion, was the three step mixing. In other at home hair coloring kits, I have only had to mix two products together. This product required me to mix three products together, one of which was a powder. It was difficult to pour the Lifting Powder into the Developer Bottle without spilling anything. Other than that, I thought it was a pretty easy process. I left the highlights on for the minimum amount of recommended time, and it provided a subtle result (which is what I wanted)! I would purchase this product again in the future.

I received this product from Shespeaks.com to try and highlight my hair. The L'Oreal Paris Glam Lights was fun to use and my hair looks pretty classy. I had a little trouble using the brush provided so I ended up using my comb and had a better feel for what I was doing. The product was somewhat difficult to pour the powder into the container. I would have liked to see a larger opening in the container so I wouldn't spill any on my bathroom sink. It was hard to apply the product to the back of my head. Next time I will have someone help me and be more satisfied with a smoother finish and product evenly applied. The scent was somewhat strong but didn't bother me; I just noticed it. My hair looks attractive and I was pleased with the color. I felt the color provided was true to the color on the box. The product did not irritate my scalp. One of the gloves provided tore before I finished applying so I used a glove I use around the house. Overall I was happy with this product and would recommend it and plan on using it again.

I was excited and a little nervous to try self-highlighting. I used to do it, back in college, when (let's be honest) if I messed up it wasn't really a big deal! But now, as a busy mom of two, I really don't want to look silly if I mess up my hair. Luckily, that wasn't the case! I like the end result. My hair had been looking dull and flat, and I was tired of the warmer color I had used for winter. After using Glam Lights, my hair "pops" and looks vibrant again. However... I don't really think it looks highlighted, just like I gave it a color update. That's okay with me, but I don't think I would choose this product over my usual Nice & Easy Foam, which imparts highlights along with the all-over color... and is a bit less nerve-wracking to use. A few misses with Glam Lights: *The powder didn't mix well, no matter what I did. I ended up dumping a bit of it off the top of the mixing bottle before I colored. *I think the instructions should have stated that the brush should be REALLY full of product before running it through the hair. *The middle section of the brush is awkward to "fill" -- the outer two are fine, but the middle one has the spikes running down the middle, and it's tough to feel like it's adequately filled. *Lastly, and perhaps the biggest negative... the instructions say to start the brush at 1/4 inch from your roots -- unfortunately, that means my roots didn't get any color and, consequently, look like they're already growing out. It really needs to be applied AT the roots to accomplish a well done color job.

I have never given myself highlights at home and they are too expensive in the salon so I was really excited to try out L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference GL70 Dark Blond to Light Brown Glam Lights. I had my husband help me or else I would not have been able to get the back so I highly suggest having another set of hands to help. It was very easy to mix and apply to my hair. The mixture is thick enough that it stayed on the comb and the comb moved down my hair easily. When you 1st apply it to the top those strands of hair get the most mixture so the highlights look chunkier up top then they do on the bottom of my hair so we had to go through and add some more strands to the bottom. I was worried that adding it to the bottom would not make the highlights look even but they turned out pretty good. I left it on for 35 minutes, next time I will leave it on another 5 minutes for a little more color. Besides the color not coming out as much on the bottom I was very pleased with the results, and my only complaint is the smell. The next day my hair still smelled terrible but eventually by the next evening the smell was gone. I would definitely use this again and I would highly recommend this to a friend.

was excited to try this since my hair has been untreated for quite some time due to my desire to stay away from harsh chemicals during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Now it was my time to treat myself and breathe new life into my hair without breaking the bank. It seemed straight forward and easy enough...you just mix and apply color to the comb. This was much less intimidating that putting on a cap and pulling hair through with a crochet hook of sorts. However; I wish I would've had help with the application of the product. I have long curly hair and it does go down below my shoulders. Trying to separate my hair so I could apply color underneath and directly behind was a bit tricky. How was the color underneath not supposed to transfer to more locks once the top portion was put down and colored? Perhaps it would have been best to do the bottom separately and revisit the top after the bottom was rinsed (just a thought). The instructions stressed multiple times the importance of testing on a swatch to get the timing right as well as keeping the comb upright. I found if I kept the comb upright and followed the directions to a 'T,' the color didnt transfer well the full way and there was a lot left on the comb. I was worried about blotches of color instead of strands. So, honestly, I did it my own way. I went at an angle and it worked well for me. I will say though, if you have curly hair, perhaps its best to straighten it prior to color so you can really work the comb and color through your tresses well. I would do that if I ever decide to try this again. Overall the process was fairly simple and straight-forward. I think the color is a little brassy but I may be able to soften it up once I get some sunshine kissing my hair. I would be likely to try this again in another year or so, but it wouldn't be something I'd 'have to have.' For the ease of use, I'd recommend to a friend

I hadn't highlighted my hair at home in ages, so I was excited and also a little nervous to try this. Thankfully, this system is very straightforward and easy. The brush was really good after I got the hang of it. I applied too much with my first two swipes in the back, but I'm the only one who seems to notice that thank goodness. The rest of the highlights brushed in easily and perfectly, leaving really soft and pretty highlights. I am really happy with this product and I will definitely be using it again!

Let me preface this by saying I am a beauty school dropout. Haha. I am not even kidding. I quit when I realized I didn't have the patience or eye for hair. Haha. I have zero issue with paying somebody to color my hair. I have missed one too many spots or totally messed up the color to trust myself. However, highlights are insanely expensive. I have skipped doing them because they cost too much! I enlisted the help of my sister to apply the L'oreal Glam Lights to my hair. It was pretty quick to apply but not easy, since I have a lot of hair, one box isn't enough. I was able to gain a few highlights but not a lot. I thought the payoff looked nice but I definitely needed a second box. All in all, this is definitely a product that you can use for home based highlighting for the do-it-yourself girl or guy!

It was really wasy to use. And the results are fantastic. The color was exactly the one that I was looking for so long. It looks perfect for my natural hair color.

Nice product! Liked it and it was so easy to do at home. The color came out perfect and natural looking