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  • spaghettogoat By  spaghettogoat    

    This is a pretty good mascara especially for the price. It volumes and darkens my lashes for a thicker. fuller. longer look. The only thing is if you do a few coats it can get a little clumpy but besides that I love this.

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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    

    I love when a product Performs as it claims to!!! This does the best it can with my lashes to create the look on the package!!! And in a decent formula that stays put all day. Cute packaging and a good price.

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  • Drb1991 By  Drb1991    

    Love the manga effect

    I LOVE this mascara. It makes my lashes HUGE and bold, it easily doubles the length. But I can see how its not for everyone, part of the effect is that it slightly clumps your lashes. Its not enough to give you a spider eye, just enought to give your lashes a bold punch. I love it and think it looks amazing.

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  • wiedners By  wiedners    

    This product did work for me in waterproof. I loved the blackest black and kept my eyelash curled all day and night and separates lashes. It didn't flake, smudge or run when you cry.

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  • alicebth By  alicebth    

    Big fan of l'oreal mascaras, and this is one of them. It doesn't give you the fake manga look they are advertising, if you don't really pile it on, (with the tip of the brush) but it gives you really long lashes with volume and nice texture.

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  • chloew22 By  chloew22    

    For a drugstore, decently priced mascara, this is probably my favorite. It is my go-to product when I do not feel like using my higher end mascaras. This stays on a long time, but not too difficult to take off. It gives me length and the thickness I am looking for. I love it and highly recommend it!

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    Had high hopes for this mascara. I am a huge fan of the Voluminous Carbon Black. But it was just a disappointment,mainly of four big points. 1. The product is very dry, so it tends to clump very easy, specially the more coats you add; I once ended up with tarantula lashes, I was not happy. 2. I bought in purple, that is more of a dark lilac, and it never gave any color payoff. 3. The wand. For me the brush is huge, so I had to be extra careful not smudge the mascara on my lid or face; also the way the bristles are,with the dry formula, for me it was a formula for tarantula lashes. And the final reason that I don't like the wand is that it is a flexible wand, so applying the mascara is also a bit of a hassle;honestly who thought that a flexible wand, specially with a dry formula was a good idea!. 4. This mascara flakes soooo much, it only takes about 4 hour of wear when you start noticing purple flakes on your cheeks. Well at least people can see my mascara is purple. For me this became a dud, and I have been trying to use it for the mas 5 weeks, so I gave it a good chance,but it is a mascara that I won't buy again.

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  • kbene13 By  kbene13    

    I really love this formula, but I DON"T love the wand/brush! I don't like the flexible wand. I don't understand the point of it. The formula is definitely long lasting, doesn't flake off or smudge. This stuff doesn't budge! It doesn't completely come off with soap and water so I use my eye makeup remover to finish the job.

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  • Nrae28 By  Nrae28    

    I absolutely loved this mascara. I purchased it a few months ago and have already gone through it all. I'm definitely repurchasing, but I'm giving the Miss Manga Rock a try right now. This product definitely gave you the anime look with super voluminous thick lashes it claims.

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  • MadridBeautyxo By  MadridBeautyxo    

    Every time that i wore this i got so many compliments by so many people, i absolutely recommend this mascara. It adds so much volume to the lashes, it makes them appear so long and its long wearing. It makes the lashes more defined:)

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  • XiomaraC By  XiomaraC    

    I always love the L'Oreal products and this was one of them. Definitely leaves a fanned out look which I love and it doesn't leave your eyelashes clumpy.

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  • lakergirl2473 By  lakergirl2473    

    I was really unimpressed by this mascara. I am constantly on the lookout for a mascara that meets my needs (waterproof, lengthening, volumizing, dramatic look) The brush was too flexible and so long that I was not able to apply the mascara so that it wasn't gloppy or being poked in the eye by the brush, or getting the mascara everywhere but my lashes. It went on clumpy and once dry flaked off and got into my eyes and irritated them. I was not even close to achieving the look this product claimed to create. I love L'Oreal, but this was a dud.

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  • Tamiramichelle By  Tamiramichelle    

    This is one of my all time favorite mascaras, i bought this the day it hit shelves and have been using it since. Perfect, no clumps, long great eyelashes. Couldn't ask for more.

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  • marilygaona24 By  marilygaona24    

    Great mascara love the way it makes my eyelashes look does its job for its price love it

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  • jlt8484 By  jlt8484    


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