L.A. Colors 12 Color Eye shadow palette

L.A. Colors 12 Color Eye shadow palette

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I have a couple of these, that I got from dollar tree, for $1. They don't last very long, but I have never worn an eyeshadow primer before. I plan to try them with a eyeshadow primer, and see how long they last.

These are good "starter" eye shadows for teens because of the low price and they tend to go on a bit lighter during application. I wouldn't trust them to hold up to a night requiring evening wear but they're a satisfactory, cheap option for eye shadow.

When I first started using makeup my mom got me these because she liked the price and all of the colors it came with. I have 2 palettes " urban,trendy". The trendy colors are neutral but the browns are too dark for me and red. The urban is a bright fun palette with greens and blue and purple. I can't use them and they aren't very pigmented. If you used an eyeshadow primer and you were on a tight budget then these could work but I find them cheap. If you want good inexpensive makeup go to sallys beauty supplies.

I get this at my dollar tree store, they are kind of pigmented but have a lot of fall outs, but for a dollar you cant complain.

Love these, big variety of colors extremely pigmented

These shadows are the best bang for the girl on a budget. They are very pigmented. The color last all day. You can try the funky trendy colors for night, or stick with the neutrals for daytime wear. I really like the different color pallettes that are so inexpensive you can try them all for little cost!!!

Super cheap and very pigmented

For a cheap price this actually works pretty well. I use it as more of an everyday eyeshadow and save my more expensive produxts for when I really need them!

This is obviously not high quality makeup, but it is still good for the price. If you use a decent primer, the color will pop more than it would alone.

For a dollar this product is worth it.

Not my personal choice but if you have a teen looking to play with color and try new fun looks these Dollar Tree shadows are a good option. Color goes on bright and harsh...dosent stay long. The price is right for them to try lots of looks and share with friends.

I got the two that I have from Dollar Tree. I would say they are a good product for a dollar but elf cosmetics sells a lot of eye shadows around this same price and this does not even compare! Also he different palettes are inconsistent. One that I have has more purple tones and it is not very good but the other that i have that is more nude with browns is better. The packaging is very cheap and the front plastic part has broken for both of mine. L.A. colors has much better products for this same price. I would not recommend this to a friend.

For a dollar at the dollar store, it was actual decent. Nicely pigmented. It's definitely not the quality of a MAC shadow or even an Elf shadow which you can get for the same price but still decent. The eyeshadows were very soft and the tended to crumble easily. The selection of colors was ok. Cheap packaging that really sucked. There were enough colors in each palette that I liked that I would buy this again for a dollar.

This eye shadow was good for how little it cost. It has a very buttery consistency and is pigmented pretty well. The packaging is cheap and a little hard to open sometimes though. But it was only one dollar at my local Dollar Tree so overall it was better than i thought it would be.