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  • gigi62 By  gigi62    

    We all have that one best friend the one who knows all of our secrets and the one that has been there for everything in our lives. That is what this book is all about. The story of Kate and Tully. Two girls growing up in the Pacific Northwest who meet each other when Tully moves in across the street from Kate. We get to see how their friendship develops, we learn all about their lives. I never like to give to many details or plots about a book. All i will say is this is one that you need to read with you best friend. If you do read this be sure to get Fly Away where the story continues.

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  • debsmad By  debsmad    

    I had mixed emotions about this book. It started out great in their childhood years, but seemed to sort of fizzle and struggle in the adult years. The 'act of betrayal' it mentions on the cover was a huge letdown. I did not see that as something to cause the reaction it did. But the story gathered strength again towards the end and, as someone else mentioned, I was sobbing by the time it was done. A pretty good book, but could have been better with a few small changes.

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  • pippa01 By  pippa01    

    I loved this book, I think I have read all her books, and this was my favorite!

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  • Rnkmom By  Rnkmom    

    I didn't love this book but I finish the book and it kept my attention. It was a pretty simple story. You didn't have to think much while reading it, I would say it's a good beach read.

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  • swttie By  swttie    

    This is the first and only book that I have owned written by Kristin Hannah. Its an amazing book. This books is about friendship, family, love, and beyond many things. You'll have to read the book for yourselves.

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  • KelsoBelle By  KelsoBelle    

    I love Kristin Hannah and have GOT to get this book. I've read everything else she's written, so I know "Firefly Lane" will be wonderful.

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  • JoyceA By  JoyceA    

    LOVED this book! Was able to relate it to my own childhood friendships. Did not expect the ending though and bawled my eyes out. Have passed it on to girl at work.

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  • mater9803 By  mater9803    

    This was a great book. It reminded me of friendships when I was a kid. A great story of two women and how a friendship can be there through all the times in your life. I could not put this book down and read over 200 pages in one night.

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