Krispy Kreme  Donuts

Krispy Kreme Donuts

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Best Donuts Favorite donuts. Too bad I have to drive almost 2 hours to get them. They stop selling them locally in my area.

Light and tasty!! Omg love these so light and tasty! They melt in your mouth, hard to eat just one!

Classic and can't put down I mean, it's Krispy Kreme. It's legendary. And that's coming from a Boston local who's loyal to...other donut brands! I still think the classic Krispy Kreme is the best.

Sweet pastry Who doesn't love a sweet pastry. My all time favorite that only comes in yearly special occasions trip. Convenient store just isn't the same. Yes I highly recommend Love #Krispykeremdonuts

Ive loved these since before i could remember theyre always my favorite, they always taste amazin

No Competition Nothing compares to the fresh baby breath smell of a Krispy Kreme Donut ripped into with the thinnest of glaze to satisfy those morning taste buds.. Just Saying!

Best donuts ever Buying them packaged is not quite the same donut as going to the store but Krispy Kreme are still delish. Soft and full of glaze

Krispy Kreme donuts I love how fresh the donuts are. I have never gotten any stale donuts from them. My wife and I love getting the donut holes because they are always soft and delicious.

Light and airy!! Can?t eat just one or two especially if hot at the drive up window. If not hot, two or more will satisfy ya.

DONUT WORRY I GOT YOU I love their donuts more when they are hot. I would recommend this!! They are soft!!

Way over priced , but oh so good! Always taste like they are freshly made. They are over priced though.

Old and new work together This company has produced quality products for YEARS!!! It is nice to see that they keep the "old" traditions of the HOT SIGN, but also keep modern with new flavors for each season. It also brings out the kid in me to see the holiday themed decorated items. SO FUN! Always consistent and dependable.

Melts In Your mouth When I tell you its like heaven when you bite into a fresh warm Krispy Kreme Donut. I love them, I recommend that everyone try one.

So Bad but So Good The most important thing is to go to a Krispy Kreme store. Don't get from retailers like how they have them in Walgreen's. Definitely isn't healthy at all, but I love to spurge out once in a while. I'd rather have Krispy Kreme donuts than Dunkin.

Not a fan chalky tasting and not good will not purchase again