Krispy Kreme  Donuts

Krispy Kreme Donuts

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Love me some Donuts! The assortment dozen is my favorite. I do think Krispy Kreme has the best donuts out of the other donut chains. But they cost way to much even in stores and for someone on disability. They should really drop the cost at least $5 or more. We have to drive 45 minutes to a hour just to get to one. So we only get a box once or twice a year.

Best donuts Amazing Donuts as a treat, they are way to expensive to have all the time. 4 stars because of high price

Delicious & Addictive! If you have never tasted a Krispy Kreme doughnut, then add it to your grocery list. All of their doughnuts are great! Anything freshly baked tastes better, but if you do not have a Krispy Kreme store near you then pick it up at your nearest supermarket. You can always quickly warm the bottom of the doughnut to get a freshly baked feel, but either way it will be delicious!

Yummy in a ring Okay so we don't have any Krispy Kreme around locally I always grab a box on the get away trip to the casino, I never leave without getting a half of dozen. Warm, soft and so tasty these donuts are top. You can't just have one. See for yourself you will not be sorry. Enjoy ;-)

Donuts Fresh Krispy Kreme is amazing!!!! The store bought ones are okay but they do not compare at all. Highly recommend going to your nearest KK!

Seriously divine! Is there anything better than a fresh, hot, glazed KK doughnut and a hot cup of coffee? The only problem is how fast the doughnut disappears!

Krispy Kreme Donuts The best donuts ever! I grew up on these donuts. They are the best donuts ever, nothing tops Krispy Kreme Donuts. When they are freshly hot, they are the best.

Totally Worth It! I love the chocolate donuts filled with Bavarian creme... Yummy 😋

Love them!! I wish I didn't love these as much as I do! Donuts are my only weakness and the hot Krispy Kreme donuts simply melt in your mouth!

Best When Hot These are the only donuts that melt in my mouth. Unfortunately, we do not have a Krispy Kreme store near us. Certainly a treat!

Fresh can't be beat I love walking into a KK store when the doughnuts area being made. Taking a bite out of the still-warm circle of sweet dough. The KK doughnuts never taste greasy like some other brands do. My stomach never lies.

Delicious and a great company I am a member of Krispy Kreme. I get a dozen doughnuts for my birthday every year. I love that they give away free coffee on Mondays, and through out the year give away doughnuts and coffee even if you are not a member. They are always busy. I love the smell of baking doughnuts. One of my favorites is the carrot cake. I only wish they were not so fattening. Krispy Kreme is a favorite of many people.

They are good but.. I love going to the KK store for these donuts. When I am lacking time, I can buy them as packaged donuts. There are good but freshly made is better

Best Donuts! These are the best donuts by far. They are fresh and warm and delicious!